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  • Body Temperature Question

    I know it was most recently discussed on the tator thread, to chart your temps, but I was afraid my question might get lost.

    So I was wondering, what exactly do our temps tell us? I know it's lower in the morning, higher later in the day. But I am wondering how much should I expect it to rise during the day, and when should I be concerned if it isnt changing much?

    I dont have a normal pattern yet, but usually like 97.5 up to 98.4 however today it was 97.3 at 5:15 am (which may have been earlier than I have taken it before) but it only went up to 97.5 at 7:30pm (an hour after dinner)

    I am not very consistent with my times, so maybe that is one of the keys to the equation.

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    Lower than normal temps may be an indication of thyroid issues since thyroid function and hormones help regulate a normal body temperature.

    There isna range that is considered to be normal of course and an occasional lower number is not necessarily a bad thing. It's a long-term trend of being well below normal that indicates that there may be issues.
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