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  • being underweight


    my concern is my low digestive power n very low weight.
    my age is 27, height 5'8" , and weight is only 45 kgs/99 lbs

    this is the worse situation in my life, i am struggling wth gain weight.

    i am putting my total case now.

    earlier i am a very normal guy. has a gr8 appitite. hit the gym regulerly.

    but meanwhile i suffering from "jondis" - the liver decease.

    since then i lost my appitite totaly.. its 5 years now.. i took all types of medicins.. but none can help me.
    i took many tastes.. but not get any results.

    my stomach is not get cleaned without laxatives.. have worse gastric problems. have dry skin problem.. affected with red rashesh.. hyper acidity..

    bull shits...

    all happening together.. even small amount of food make full my stomach.. i cant eat more.. if i try forcefully to eat more.. it worsen my condition.. my remaining energy also get wasted trying to digested that food.

    i cant digest heavy food like dairy, meat n chiken.

    i am vegeterian..

    what to do.. not understand.. if i cant take laxatives.. i may die..

    evrytime my body generates heavy heat.. body temprature is always high..

    i have to remember now.. when i am hungry last time..

    my hunger just gets lost.. i eat just for save my life..

    please help me.. im in deep trouble

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    help me plz


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      You most likely need proper medical advice, not just advice from random people on the internet.

      Why are you taking laxatives? Is it for your stomach problems? That should be the first thing your doctor works on.

      Go and see your doctor. If you already are seeing one, go and see another one.
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        Yeah, jaundice is bad. Get to a doctor if you have not seen one before. Don't rely on the advice of a bunch of random and possibly trolling strangers when it's your life at stake.
        F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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