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  • Coconuts and almonds

    Hi guys,

    So I'm hoping to go primal and trying to see what I need to buy. I found coconut oil that I bought (the solid kind in a tub) not sure if it's raw or not, so I guess I need to find raw coconut oil?

    Also, people are talking about coconut flour and almond flour? Is that just ground up almonds and ground up (dessicated) coconut? Or actual flour?

    What other products do i need to get? Coconut milk (will only be able to get tins) and coconut water ( can only buy that vitacoco apart from buying actual coconuts from wholefoods.

    Thanks for all your help

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    You do not need coconut or almond flour IMO. Unless you plan on doing a lot of baking, neither items are necessary. Raw coconut oil should be labeled clearly, if you cannot get raw, refined is ok, and still healthier than corn, vegetable, canola, etc. you're just starting out...don't complicate things. Stick to vegetables, meats, and dairy if you can tolerate it. Keep things minimally processed, after a few weeks in, you will have a better idea of what works. Almond and coconut "flours" They're barely primal.
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    "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."


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      Thanks Damiana, I guess I am complicating things and trying to be over prepared. Would be nice to have some treats as well that I could bake.

      I think i'm worried about being hungry as i have a big appetite and not havnig enough variety or not having snacks around me and also about portioning. Could I ask what a typical day would look like for you doing paleo? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? Thanks so much.


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        Some people use shredded coconut for coconut flour, but some brands do sell a real "flour", defatted and all, which has a much more carbs dominant nutritional profile.
        It's up to you.
        Just know that shredded coconut acts like a sponge and is FULL of fiber.

        I agree with Damiana still.

        I use shredded coconut on my meals, like vegetables.
        It's my take on pasta+shredded cheese
        No seriously, it tastes damn good with olive oil and helps me to up my fat intake easily with lots of flavor
        Young self-caring Paleo-eater from France.
        (So please forgive the strange way I tend to express myself in your beautiful language )


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          Great. so forgetting the flours for now, dessicated coconut is great to have to add to foods, coconut milk (full fat) the tinned kind as well is good to use for cooking and coconute oil and butter really good options to have as well?


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            Yeah finally you are in the right direction and no doubt your decision is good. So, enjoy the coconut oil and have better nutrition for your healthy life with its delicious taste.


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              I think my diet is rather different from most people on this forum. I'm not a big person, tiny-boned, and seasonally I change my diet to whatever I crave. I also don't get hungry much and quite the opposite of you, a few mouthful of food gets me full. In a typical day I eat a pound of leeks, 3-4 oz of spinach, cooked, and flavored with miso, 1.5 pounds or so of a starchy squash or carby vegetables like sweet potatoes, and anywhere from 3-5 eggs a day if I'm not hungry to around 12 oz of a fatty cut of beef or pork flavored with gochujang (fermented red pepper paste) when I crave it. It's a fairly traditional Asian diet minus the rice. I probably eat a lot less fat and protein than most on this forum would recommend, but I'm only 5'4 and 106 pounds.

              I work out daily, I snack on a 30 medium olives a day, and whenever the craving calls, I can eat an entire bag of milk chocolate. I also have a drink a day 2 oz of gin with lime. When I go out, I have sashimi or a roll wrapped with cucumbers instead of rice.
              F 28/5'4/100 lbs

              "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."


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                Wow you are little

                I used to be just a tiny bit more than you my entire life, but am now up to 154lb and i'm only 5'2.5. Partially or mainly because of me havnig polycystic ovaries and putting on weight due to that. Also years of working in an office and not doing much exercise after doing loads as a youngster.

                I'm not fat as such just tubby and need to loose the excess chub and tone up. I'm heavy because i've always been quite muscly and worked out a lot. it's annoying!


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                  It's strange that you define "going primal" as buying special things like coconut oil, etc. The main part is the actual meat, vegetables, etc. THAT'S what you need. The use of a particular cooking oil is trivial (not corn, soy, canola, etc). First make sure you've got the basics down. You can use olive, coconut, butter, lard, tallow, ghee... so many choices.

                  And regarding flours, just because it's gluten free doesn't mean it's healthy. So many people cut out gluten, but continue to eat large amounts of carb-filled gluten free stuff... they just don't get it.
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                    Yes, definitely avoid the packaged "gluten free" products at the store. They're often just as bad and far more processed than their normal counterpart. Have you read the starter guide to primal?
                    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

                    "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research."


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                      I have some coconut flour but have only used maybe 2 spoonfuls of it ever, when I mixed it up with canned salmon, an egg, and a bunch of spices to make some salmon cakes. Just threw that into a muffin pan and baked it for on-the-go food. I'm not even sure what else I'll ever use the coconut flour for besides that again.


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                        I make coconut flour pancakes (eggs, coconut flour, almond milk) when I am having a rough spot, usually no sleep due to my toddler, but have not found another use for it. It is awful to "bread" things with, it gets gummy when wet.


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                          As previously mentioned - all you 'need' is good quality meats, veggies and fats. If you don't have easy access to a good butcher, Waitrose has a range called 'forgotten cuts' which includes pig's cheek, ox tail, beef shin etc. If you want to invest in something for your kitchen, try a slow cooker, great for stewing all of the above.

                          Tinned coconut milk - check the label for the percentage of actual coconut and the preservatives, some contain corn flour as a thickener, and some are as low as 27% coconut.

                          Virgin coconut oil is 7 - 9 per 400-450g tub, unless you're in Holland and Barrett, where it's twice that (as I found out after the first time I bought it). The overprocess stuff without the health benefits is about 2 - 3 per tub.

                          I don't worry about nut flours - a small amount of high cocoa Green and Blacks or a glass of red wine feels more fun and has helped wean me off bread, cakes etc. Flour based products can still spike insulin levels, even if they're gluten free.

                          Hope this is useful!


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                            I had a look in my local Asian S'mkt. Found loads of paleo foods that are not stocked or very expensive in more common GB S'mkts.


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                              Originally posted by Screamer View Post
                              I think i'm worried about being hungry as i have a big appetite and not havnig enough variety or not
                              Like you, Screamer, my family had big appetites and needed lot of variety. It's not a bad idea to have some "psuedo primal" treats around when you're getting started. You won't lose much weight that way, but it won't interfere with your feeling better and stronger -- and snacking on pseudo-primal treats won't set you back as far in resisting non-primal foods. (When I eat an almond flour brownie made with honey instead of sugar, I am satisfied with one and I don't go on an eating rampage the way I do if I have a wheat brownie made with sugar. Over time, you'll want to cut back on those, but over time it will be easier to do it.

                              My honey and I have noticed that we can now eat the same meats and vegetables over and over again without going crazy for something diferfent like we would have in the old days, and we now have leftovers most of the time -- which never hapepned in the old days. My guess is that when we were eating anti-nutrients, out bodies kept trying to find something that would feed us, so we were driven to find variety. Now that we're beinf truly nourished by our foods, that's not a problem anymore. We still LIKE variety, but we don't need it like we did.

                              As to the big appetite, that seems to be grain related for us. We used to put away huge servings of lentils and rice and then be ready for another meal a couple of hours later. Now a chicken leg and a cup of roasted vegetables keeps us sated for many hours.

                              It takes time, but the changes come.

                              Eat what you know is good for you. When you're craving neolithic foods, make a small amount of a pseudo-primal substitute and indulge, then go back to eating what you know is nourishing. The changes will coem and the cravings will fade.
                              Grain Free since 2009, WP from 2005
                              ~100% primal (because anything less makes me very sick)
                              Goal: hike across Sweden with my grandchildren when I retire in a few years