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Diet making me sick?

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  • Diet making me sick?

    Hello! I'm a newbie to this whole paleo thing, and have recently taken to eating low carb (two days ago). I have always been a pretty big grain eater, and recently became a veggie for a short time to see how I felt, (not to bad actually, but maybe I only got away with it as I'm young and active. I actually ate a little less grain as a veggie than on my Americanized diet, but I digress).

    Anyway, I decided to give low carb a shot, and I currently feel kind of sick. After giving up my beloved bread, pasta, beans, etc, I've been feeling nauseous, got a bit of the runs, and also feel light headed.

    Is it normal to get sick like this at first? I've pretty much been only eating eggs, meat, and lots and lots of butter with the occasional odd veggie tossed in.

    If this is normal, please tell me it won't last too long XD

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    try eating a lot more raw brightly colored vegetables... spinach, tomato, broccoli, etc.. if you're eating MOSTLY meat with an odd vegetable every now and then, you're missing a lot of vitamins.


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      Yup, totally normal. We call it the "low-carb flu." The first three to five days are the worst, at least in my experience. Hang in there!


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        Just what is "low carb flu," anyway? It didn't hit me until after 2+ weeks eating >100gms carb per day. I even went home from work yesterday, feeling weak, light headed, foggy-brained. I'm sure I'm getting enough calories, so it's not that, and I take mulitvitamin/mineral supps so it's not that. Is it my fat cells releasing toxins into the bloodstream, and my body not used to dealing with all those toxins?
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          Low carb flu is when your body begins to switch over to running on fats. Before that, however, it's desperately trying to keep itself running on glucose, and since you're not providing it much anymore, it freaks out. It's like kicking a bad habit. Most of the carbs we cut out (grains, beans) have opioids in them, which behave in a similar way to heroin. Low carb flu is carb withdrawal, and it's just like coming off heroin in some ways. It gets better. I will say that if you cut your carbs down to the bare nothing (20g or less per day) it also goes away faster.
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            I've read that glutamine can help provide a temporary fuel source for the brain during transition (also helps prevent low blood sugar) and carnitine can help your body to utilize fats for fuel more efficiently, cutting down on the transition time.


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              I second the L-glutamine suggestion!

              I am essentially on and off the primal wagon several times a month which means that I actually go through the "low-carb flu" quite often (there's a high carb one too, it's worse). I recently read some stuff about L-glutamine and reduced cravings ect. and I though "why not?"

              I think that it helped a lot with the most recent transition as I didn't really feel any "symptoms" that I normally feel. I would definitely recommend it. Even if it's just the placebo effect, it's still better than trotting off to the bathroom a few times a day while feeling nauseous the whole time and craving carb foods that you don't even really like.


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                I was on the diet for 6 months and had my blood work done. Unfortunately my cholesterol went to 248 and they wanted to put me on Lipator. I added Oatmeal back and made sure my meats are super lean and more fish. Hopefully that number will go down.


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                  There's a lot more to cholesterol than just the number, you may be doing much better than you think. You should talk to Griff; he made a really excellent post explaining cholesterol awhile back.


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                    Originally posted by Toothgam View Post
                    I was on the diet for 6 months and had my blood work done. Unfortunately my cholesterol went to 248 and they wanted to put me on Lipator. I added Oatmeal back and made sure my meats are super lean and more fish. Hopefully that number will go down.
                    Total cholesterol is not a good measure of heart disease risk. You need to look at the individual lipoproteins (HDL, LDL and LDL size) as well as triglyerides.


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                      I didn't want to start a new thread for essentially the same thing but I have been on the primal diet for about 2 months now as I had been following the precision nutrition style of eating. It's not that much different from the pb lifestyle with the main difference coming around pre/post workout nutrition where you take in your starchy carbs, no workout, no starchy carbs. I don't know if it's removing the oatmeal from my post workout meal (stronglifts 5x5, 3 days a week plus other activities) or what the exact culprit is but I went from never having been sick in two years to being sick (really sick!) twice in the past month alone. I haven't changed anything accept my pwo nutrition. I also used to never have problems sleeping and now I can't fall asleep easily, I wake up several times during the night and without fail I wake up at 6 every morning. It really is affecting my psyche. My workouts have really suffered as I don't ever feel recovered, I'm constantly tired. Anyone have any clues? Nothing else has changed, like I mentioned precision nutrition is pretty much pb with a different focus around pre/pwo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.