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Migraine Aura Advice Needed- Should I see DR?

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  • Migraine Aura Advice Needed- Should I see DR?

    I am a 40 year old woman who has been living primal for almost 2 years now. Primal got rid of my severe hormone issues and helped me lose 30 lbs. so, I started getting migraine auras (without headache) a couple of months ago; then I had my very first ever actual migraine headache 10 days ago. Horrible headache and throwing up for 7 solid hours. The headache got better, but left me with a slightly less painful right-sided headache which is focused above my eye and the back of my head/ neck- all right-sided. The pain is still there- just not as severe- and I have had 3 auras since then. I am also extremely exhausted and dizzy- I nearly pass out when bending over at all.
    I dont have any medical problems that I am aware of, Cholesterol is super high (my mother's is too and she has been primal for a year now)- In March it was is 323= HDL 72 Trigs 118 (seems high for my diet but i do enjoy red wine and dairy) Ldl was measured out- I don't understand the results but it says "predominantly fluffy". Not sure if cholesterol results have any relevance. I have given up red wine since the migraine= Really sad since the disappearance of red wine wine headaches was one thing I achieved with primal diet! I am trying to lower coffee and cheese. I hate conventional medicine- but thinking I should see someone since It is odd to suddenly have such an extreme case at my age= and it's not going away! Also I come from a place where Lyme Disease is rampant- both my parents have it- my dad has Lyme induced parkinsons and is hyper allergic to nearly everything. I was bit several times as a kid- 1 with rash. Any advice or insight? Thanks!!

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    I have migraines relatively often - less often now that I supplement with magnesium, and more often when I'm a moron and eat wheat/sugar even though I know it causes me pain.

    The thought is that you should see a doctor anytime you either start getting migraines or there is a change in how your migraines present. So, for instance, if you always get them on the right side and it flips to the left, or you didn't have auras and now you do. Personally, if I were you, I would see a doctor.

    It's possible you have triggers that you either didn't have before or to foods you weren't eating much of before. Wine is a huge trigger for me (3-day migraine within about 20 minutes of contact - even foods that were cooked with it or marinated in it). Others are chocolate (especially dark chocolate - I think because it's so concentrated), sodium nitrite (preserved meats and commercially dried fruit) as well as drops in barometric pressure, spikes in blood pressure and lack of sleep.

    It might help to try to avoid chocolate and processed meats, including those with celery salt/seed/juice since they tend to actually have more, along with wine (red and white). They tend to be the most common triggers, though some do react to certain types of cheese as well. If you want to try adding them back in later, by all means, but I would cut them out until you figure out what's going on.

    And yes, I would see a doctor.


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      I concur, I'm primarily concerned about the fact that you still have a residual headache after the actual migraine has subsided.


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        I had a series of "lightening" headaches a couple of years ago, and I feared an aneurysm, since two close relatives have died from cerebral aneurysm. I was also concerned because I rarely get headaches.

        I saw a neurologist who ordered an MRI, and honestly it was a relief to learn that my 'brain' was healthy! The neurologist suspected that the headaches were produced by some hormonal 'quirk,' and the fact that I have never had another one suggests that may have been the cause (I am female and was 69 years old at the time).

        Please see a doctor.


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          And your symptoms also suggest a stroke, albeit a minor one. For your peace of mind, see a doctor ASAP, and get it checked out. Just resist his/her inevitable demand to put you on statins. They're useless for women and have bad side effects.


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            I agree with all the above - see a Doctor fairly smartly. I have suffered from Migraines for years, although they have reduced significantly since leaving a job using a computer screen all day, and going primal. When I am beginning to get one, I immediately drink two full glasses of water and put peppermint on the back of my neck. The last two migraines have been stopped in their tracks. However I recognise the "just before" feeling, which is great, so I can rehydrate in time.
            Anyway good luck
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              definitely see a doctor to get checked out.

              but for migraines, three cups of strong coffee right away usually knocks them out. it's the caffine that does it. DH was getting migraines for a bit just after DS was born, and the doctor told him "first signs, three cups of coffee right away. strong coffee." and it did the trick.


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                Originally posted by Paysan View Post
                And your symptoms also suggest a stroke, albeit a minor one. For your peace of mind, see a doctor ASAP, and get it checked out. Just resist his/her inevitable demand to put you on statins. They're useless for women and have bad side effects.
                I've been told there's actually a tie between migraines and strokes, though I don't know the details. Something about micro-strokes or something.

                But I do remember one particular migraine where the pain finally left (in the days before my wonderful Imitrex) and so I decided to go to the grocery store. I sat down to make a list, and for the life of me, I couldn't remember how to write. I focused on it, and about 20 minutes later it came back to me, but that's a little scary.


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                  My migraines are left sided, exactly like you describe. Its like someone stuck a spike through my eye socket and out the base of my skull. Auras are rare, and thankfully usually painless. I usually get light sensitivity or tunnel vision along with the migraine pain.

                  Caffeine (preferably diet coke) and advil combo at first signs is the only way to keep it away. The combo takes the pain away, but I can tell the migraine is still a numbness or 'ghost' pain. If I don't hit it in time, then its motionless in a dark room with ice on my neck until I can sleep it off.

                  MUST get the pain meds in right away, because the digestive tract shuts down and no meds will be absorbed. That explains the nausea and diarrhea that some people get.
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                    I would suggest going to a naturopath and get the food allergy testing done (food reaction testing). A guy I knew kept getting migraines and turns out he was allergic to bananas, he cut those out and they stopped. Everyone thinks food allergies would be hives and rashes but there are tons of diff ways it can affect you. I found out I was allergic to two staples I was eating and since cutting them out I feel loads better.


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                      For me, the caffeine and whatever else combo doesn't usually work, but that may be because I steer away from caffein in the first place since it's a trigger for me in larger amounts.

                      If I can catch it when I first get the aura, then usually 2 Aleve will work, but I'm not a fan of NSAIDs more than very occasionally. And I tend to think "WTH! Why am I dizzy and weak???" then 6 hours later remember that it's my current aura, and it's too late.

                      My aura used to be smelling things that weren't there, then seeing spots, and now I feel dizzy and weak, like someone drained all the blood out of my body. Can't wait to see what the next one will be!


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                        In fact, I had been having "auras" since age 8, which I called "fractured glass eyesight." It was only recently that I learned these were termed silent migraines, because normally there was no pain present. However, I did suffer one horribly painful migraine after extreme stress (ad an a/c blowing on my neck). And I also suffered a major stroke and heart attacks in the last 2 decades. I still see fractured glass, but now it accompanies a perpetual slight headache. I think hormones are also involved.


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                          My migraines are related to hormone fluctuations. First one when I was 16 and then occasionally (3 to 8 per year). Just thought oh well, I have to deal with it.

                          Except for the vomiting, I have experienced your other symptoms. My usual migraine consists of an aura first (usually visual, but sometimes vertigo), then terrible pain for a day, then throbbing in and around my right eye for the next two. Sometimes it is so bad that I want to rip my eye out - as if that'll do anything. Other times the headache is not so bad and I only have the throbbing around my right eye when I bend over.

                          Three? years ago I suddenly started getting two or three per week. My regular dr suggested going on hormone replacement therapy as she felt they were due to changes in my hormone levels related to menstruation. Forget that! I then saw a naturopath who suggested one supplement to help my body get rid of excess estrogen (DIM - comes from broccoli) and another to help my body build progesterone (agnus castus or vitex). After a few months I had far less headaches, and over the past couple of years I am certain that I went a complete year without even one. In the last year I think I may have had two or three, so I may visit the naturopath again.

                          hope that helps
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                            Thanks for replies, its nice to know we aren't alone!
                            Just wondering what your thoughts are on mercury poisoning- I have a lot of old fillings. I am scheduled to have 4 drilled out next month- should I worry? Any possibility migraine is due to mercury?


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                              when someone asks if they should see a doc, the answer is nearly always yes. If you're wondering about it, there's probably not a lot any of us can do to make you feel better. That said, do you consume artificial sweeteners? I used to get terrible migraines, and someone told me that his wife's doctor told her not to consume anything with aspartame. I skeptically gave up the diet sodas and gum and all of that (this is before paleo) and haven't had another migraine since. It's so weird when something that seems like a wivestale actually works!