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Weight loss slowed to a halt - why???

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  • Weight loss slowed to a halt - why???

    Hi all

    I have been primal for about 6 weeks now and in the beginning was losing just under a kilo a week but for the last 2 weeks my weight has not budged!! I have not had any wheat, legumes, grains but do have milk in my tea/coffee (max of 3 per day) and I use coconut sugar (1tsp per cup of tea/coffee). And I do use a little bit of cheese (just to sprinkle on eggs etc).

    So why, why, why??? Example of today's food:

    9-1pm: nothing cause I never really feel like food until then
    1pm: one egg omelette (no milk added), with fried onions and cut up steak a sprinkle of mozarella and some paleo mayonnaise.
    Snacks for work: a sausage and some almonds
    Dinner at work: cabbage stir-fry with onions and stir-fry beef mixed through. And a sprinkle of mozarella.
    2 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee - with full fat milk and 1 tsp coconut sugar in each cup.

    I have recently joined a gym and have started just doing stretches and strength training.

    I work as a nurse so I'm not in a sedentary job - walk a lot!!

    Could someone tell me what is going on??? Why has the weight loss slowed down so much???? What am I doing wrong.


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    sometimes my weight stalls inexplicably for long periods of time, even more than a month! But usually I have other signs that things are going well, like my clothes getting looser. I just try to be patient and not pin all my hopes & dreams on the scale number. The body is a complicated mechanism.


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      Usually when I read one of these I'm-not-losing-weight threads, the person's just eating meat and non-starchy vegetables. Try starch. It's the new lettuce!


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        I have experienced the same thing! I was losing weight nicely and then... nothing... the stall has been going on for awhile, and I'll admit it's getting me down. I've been doing plenty of activity... but yeah. I think the only thing to do is keep sticking with it and just be patient!!


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          It's only been 6 weeks. Wait at least 6 months, then reassess. Getting your health back takes more than a few weeks of effort.


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            Sounds like you're doing great. If strength training is new to you, then perhaps (hopefully) you are building muscle.

            Therefore you could expect to be losing fat, gaining muscle and getting slimmer, while scale remains the same.

            Try taking your own measurements, that would help confirm it for you.

            If you are indeed trimming down then there is no need to worry about the weight.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
              Usually when I read one of these I'm-not-losing-weight threads, the person's.....
              .........not accounting that fluxes in water weight of up to 5lbs in each direction that can mimic actual fat loss or gain...especially in women! Your gonna have to take the long view. A couple of weeks without a budge in the scale means absolutely squat. Especially in the beginning there is some metabolic house cleaning to be done, so don't freak out. This is part of the reason Primal isn't suppose to be a crash diet.


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                Thanks everyone - I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Starchy veg yes usually these are part of my meals most days, I LOVE kumara (sweet potato) and usually I will bake off a whole heap of kumara, pumpkin, carrots and parsnips and then live off these for a few days - with meat or chicken. Thought I needed a change so hence the cabbage and a few salads lately.

                And yes, I apologise but I am one of those "on the scales" people. I have been overweight for soooo long and have been sooo thrilled at the initial weight loss - I really got my jollies from jumping on the scales everyday (yes, i said every day!) and watching the numbers go down, down, down.

                However, I will take your collective advice and try and chillax about the numbers.

                But, just before I go, one last question (OK there're 2 really!) Is milk really ok? just a little bit? and the coconut sugar? and the tiny, tiny sprinkles of cheese? (oops 3).


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                  As to the scale....I still weigh myself every morning and evening. I'm freaking OCD. X-wrestler and I've done this since second grade (stepping on the scale that is). So don't feel bad about being a "scale person", but everything in context you know .

                  Your questions....I don't see any reason why those small amounts should be a problem for you. We all have a couple small vices we keep (well most of us). As far as they go, those are minor.


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                    PrimalJane, could it be that you're not eating enough so your metabolism has slowed down? Maybe what you were eating at first was working for you, but now that you've added in some workouts, your body might want a little more fuel? Just a thought


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                      Originally posted by PrimalJayne View Post
                      But, just before I go, one last question (OK there're 2 really!) Is milk really ok? just a little bit? and the coconut sugar? and the tiny, tiny sprinkles of cheese? (oops 3).
                      I'm pretty keen on milk and cheese and don't regard them as non primal at all. I think some people eliminate them when doing a strict whole30 version, or for allergy reasons. Cheese can be a bit high calorie when losing weight, but I would think tiny sprinkles would be fine.

                      As for coconut sugar, what is that and where do you get it? Sounds interesting. I don't suppose it would be much problem if you're only having a little, unless it is giving you sugar cravings that you then give in to, but it doesn't sound like that's the case.
                      Annie Ups the Ante


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                        primal Jayne, darling girl - we so need to meet for a coffee. I am also on "the scale won't budge", but am working through it.
                        keep at it my girl, and I think that one day, while we are feeling a whole lot better about everything.... the scales might move again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                        ...small steps....


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                          Check out the graphs on my success story page. I have a year worth of weight loss measurements in there. 384 Days of Primal: Focusing on the Process to See Results | Mark's Daily Apple You'll see the periods of no weight loss but you will start losing again.


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                            What excellent graphs, sroelofs. I remember your story now, it is great - so encouraging.
                            Annie Ups the Ante


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                              Hey Jayne! Yay, kiwis

                              I also have issues with stalling! Some of my worst every stalls happen when I lift heavy! It sucks because I know it is good for me but I can't shake the scale and I still really care about that number moving downwards

                              I don't really have any answers for you but just wanted to say you're not alone and they do eventually pass and you do keep losing. If you're committed for life then time aint nothin' but a number really!
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