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Weight loss slowed to a halt - why???

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    Originally posted by PrimalJayne View Post
    Yep, that's what I'm a thinkin but without milk I can't drink tea or coffee and at this stage I can't imagine my day without either - but that is why I posed the question - cos with all the other good eating it just somehow doesn't feel right (although I'm not man enough to exclude it yet).

    Thanks for your thoughts!
    You can drink your coffee without milk/cream or sugar. Years and years ago I use to drink over 30 cups of coffee/day. The caffeine did not worry me as much as the cream and the 2 heaping teaspoons of sugar in each cup. My mother drank black coffee so I asked her how she did it. "Just start drinking it that way, if a few days you get use to it". I did, now I can't even think of having like a cappacino or anything like that. Black or I gag. Try it, you'll like it.
    55 yr old male


    Weight; 199
    Chest; 41.5
    Waist; 42
    Hips; 40
    Thigh; 22.5
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 17


    Weight; 200
    Chest; 42
    Waist; 42.5
    Hips; 39
    Thigh; 23
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 16


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      Originally posted by PrimalJayne View Post
      Is milk really ok? just a little bit? and the coconut sugar? and the tiny, tiny sprinkles of cheese? (oops 3).

      From what I've read on the forums, and experienced for myself, dairy can stall weight loss for women. Dunno why, it's probably our lovely hormones. Butter's all I have.

      I would definitely ditch the coconut sugar, and switch to canned coconut milk for coffee creamer. And no more cheese!
      BTW, a cup of rich, varietal black coffee is one of the wondrous things in this world!
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