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    Originally posted by bdilla View Post
    To further back this post, I present this paper, analyzing paleolithic nutrition:

    "Fruits, roots, legumes, nuts, and other non-cereals provided 6570% of the average forager subsistence base (Eaton &
    Konner, 1985)..."
    As I remember that was later found to be a math error. They used the "hunted animals" and "gathered plants" columns but forgot the "fished animals" column. The actual avg subsistence ratios from the ethnographic atlas are 1/3 animal, 1/3 fish, 1/3 plant. Sorry, I have a habit of checking people's math.


    Bumping this thread because I'm going to try ketosis for a month. Did it for a month in May and hit the leanest I'd been in 15 years (14%), but I carboed-up every Saturday so wasn't in ketosis the entire month. For the last five months or so I've been bulking and moving the weights up at the gym, gained a lot of strength but also some fat (19%). So now it's time to cut...

    The plan -- this time I'd like to stay in ketosis for an entire month with no carb-ups, as an experiment. My plan is keto (30g net carbs), with moderate calorie deficit and light lifting M-F, and a big meat/fat feast on Sat, and also perhaps fasting all Wed w no lifting.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts on this plan.