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    I have a question, well it's more of a statement. Why is it that any diet/exercise "program" says consult a doctor before starting this or any other regimen. why don't they tell you to consult your doctor before you get fat? so it would seem to me from that mentality exercise can be bad for you but eating yourself to a slow and steady death is good. it would seem to me that consuming the tons and tons of carbs and sugar that are shoved in front of us from birth is worse than any exercise could possibly be for you. why is it that tobacco and alcohol have to have health warnings on them but the box of twinkies or ho ho's don't? I did the CW diet for almost two years and kept gaining and gaining weight. I would count every calorie and make sure i ate enough carbs i was consuming an average of 300 to 400 grams a day and was using the usda mypyramid tracker and it would tell me i have likely had enough carbs insinuating "hey fatty stuff a couple more pieces of bread down your throat so i can get a kickback from some medical company for making your diabetes medicine in ten years". i would come home and exercise for two or three hours go to bed get up and do another two or three hours of exercise but yet i kept getting bigger and bigger. most days i was only consume 1800 to 2200 calories but i kept gaining weight cause i was eating all the wrong crap they wanted me to eat. I was going to subway religously and watching the fat and counting calories and watching my portion sizes. I was having to eat every couple hours cause i was "starving" at least thats how i felt. now I can eat as much as i want to often i only eat two times a day because i am so satisfied from breakfast that i don't need a lunch i can go 20+ hours without eating and feel energized I never feel "like i'm missing out" by not eating breads and pastas and sugars or "i'm depriving myself" even though i consume a little too much alcohol i'm still losing weight and feeling better than i have in the last ten years and i'm only 26. I remember beating myself up cause i wasn't losing weight and i kept telling myself it's cause i'm not working hard enough i need to do more reps or deprive myself a little more, i was doing slimfast and diet pills and eating "six small meals a day" and still being the fat guy at the end of the day. but since i went primal i have lost 30 pounds in a month and a half and i don't ever plan on trying anything else. It all happened cause i was staying up late one night having my nightly snack so i didn't wake up hungry "doesn't happen anymore" watching the colbert report when i saw this "crazy guy" to me at that time he seemed crazy talking about the whole primal/paleo diet wearing his five fingers "thought he was barefoot but my girlfriend noticed he was actually wearing something on his feet" well after the show i decided to check out his website and it linked me here and two weeks later i had the blueprint in my hands and i don't ever plan on looking back managed to convert about half my family and some of my friends and their friends and all together we have lost around 100 lbs. in a month and a half!!!! and nobody is starving or "dieting" or working out like crazy. So yeah i probably should consult a doctor cause obviously i'm crazy for ever trying to follow CW and thinking it was gonna get me anywhere besides fat and on medication.

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    Wow I lost 3 pounds reading your frustrations

    I agree with you...doctors should aways be on the lookout for new treatments and idea's on health....

    Maybe some do...for others it's just a pay check....

    Funny how long it takes for people to realize something works.... when it is away from the norm.....


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      All that stuff about consult your doctor before starting what this or that book recommends is what I call "lawyer fodder." If they don't put that there, some lawyer hired by the publisher will tell them they're going to get sued.

      You really touched all bases on your journey!

      But you're 26! (Rejoice thereat)

      You got to skip decades of further frustration and worsening health.

      Yes, that Colbert Report was such fun. Did you spot the contest back stage, Primal versus Vegan?