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What can I ask the restaurants I eat at?

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    Originally posted by 2ndChance View Post

    Restaurants are out to make a profit, not to nourish you. If a restaurant is using quality ingredients, they'll be bragging about it, not keeping it a secret. If they aren't using quality ingredients, they'll likely boast about their "fresh cut" vegetables, etc.
    I agree. Having worked as a cook for years, I know if the restaurant is using grass fed meat or local veggies they will let you know and you will be paying generously for it. As far as cooking oils go I've usually seen canola oil. I wouldn't bother emailing them, most don't have the staff and time to answer emails.
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      Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
      I think eating out... call it your 20% and don't worry about it.
      ^ This! And try to cook at home if you can. My husband is a chef, but works a lot of nights, so I am becoming quite the cook myself. Try it, you might surprise yourself.
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