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fish oil question..

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  • fish oil question..

    as far a supplements

    trying to do paleo track(cant really understand it ) but it say my 6 to 3 ratio is off..says its 7.4:0.6 or something

    meals were as followed

    2 hard boiled eggs
    5 almonds
    greek salad with 3 oz feta and 8 oz chicken

    10 oz shell steak with mixed veggies

    can i supplemt with fishoil to bring up ratio? my fishoil says epa 1 gram and dha 640 mg

    2.8 grams fish oil, vit e 20 iu...per serving

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    no one can help me with a fish oil question?


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      I think it is generally recommended to supplement with fish oil if you are not regularly eating seafood. I take one every day; I try to eat as much seafood as possible, but the good stuff can be a little pricey here in MN...


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        I am a newbie here as well but thought I would chime in and say that I take a double dose of fish oil daily to offset the omega 6s3 in my diet. You can use Paleotrack to see which foods have the most omega 6s.


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          i use paleo track the best i can , i find it a huge pain to have to put in every little thing and if i dont know the omega6/3 content does me no good, but when i do it always says im in omega danger ....can i off set this by taking fishoil?


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            first off, that ratio is not that bad. second, skip the fish oil, and remove some of the O6 if you're worried about it. the almonds - make 'em macadamia. and eat some fish.