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i may be really dumb but

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  • i may be really dumb but

    i can not figuire out this paleo i need to add all my own foods and then all the nuitritional info?

    on the other sites i use to use , you can just put in a food..grilled asks how much i put 6 oz and it fill in everything...

    i like the idea of paleo track with omega 6 to 3 and things like that but i dont know alll the exact info on all the foods i eat daily...

    am i missing something--when ever i put something in only fast food options pop up...

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    Yep unfortunately you either have to go very generic like type in "chicken." Then you'll get a huge list of chicken. You have to pick the closest match to how you cooked and ate it. It usually comes up with:

    • Chicken, roasting, dark meat, meat only, cooked, roasted
    • Chicken, roasting, light meat, meat only, cooked, roasted
    • Chicken, stewing, dark meat, meat only, cooked, stewed
    • Chicken, stewing, light meat, meat only, cooked, stewed

    About halfway down the page. For grilled choose roasted. Or you can enter your own nutritional info in for things you eat alot of. It's kind of a pain but works for those of us who eat the same kinds of things over and over.
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      yeah i am pretty basic on foods but this seems a little nuts...i think i am over it