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    Hey all. I am new to primal. Lost 8 pounds pretty quickly (2.5 weeks), but i have hit a wall and havent lost in about 2 weeks. Any suggestions/ideas?

    Also, i heard there some cheeses are allowed on the diet. Which cheeses are included?


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    you can eat any cheese if dairy doesn't cause you problems (i believe)


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      Eat high quality dairy. Preferably grass-fed and raw, but not everyone has access/funds for that, so quality aged cheeses are good too. I would stay away from the pre-sliced deli cheese and, obviously, the Kraft "cheese product" and similar abominations of nature.

      As for the plateau you've hit, there are many ways to help people break through them. I'll give you some, but I'll note that you've only been on the diet for a short while and you should probably just give it time. Enjoy the lifestyle and the freedom and energy it offers you.

      1.) Make sure you *are* living the the lifestyle, not just eating the food. You should be lifting heavy weights 2-3 times a week, sprinting occasionally, and getting plenty of slow moving and play time. If you're doing it right, you probably won't see a huge change in the scale, but you'll see it in the mirror.

      2.) Try incorporating fasting. Many ways of going about this. Check out LeanGains, Eat Stop Eat, or just straight fasting. Try skipping a meal, or if you're comfortable enough with it, try going a whole day without food and see how you feel. I *love* fasting.

      3.) Experiment with what you're eating. Often times fat/weight loss is inhibited by specific things in your diet. Could be dairy, maybe you're eating too many nuts, maybe you're carb sensitive, maybe you do better on high carb. A big part of Primal is figuring out what works for you. Try deep ketosis (under 50g carbs per day) or try carb refeeds. Read around the website, learn some more, and experiment. Just don't stress about not losing it. Stress will keep it on

      Hope that helps!
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        Is the wall ok?


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          You hit a wall because you lost water weight. The real weight takes time just like any other diet. Cheese is fattening. I would watch portion size. Same with nuts.
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            No, the wall isnt ok. Still have another 20+ pounds to go. Im gonna keep with it.


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              Thanks for the input. I defintitely will take your tips into consideration. I think i may be eating too many nuts.


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                Really? You're a month in and 8 pounds down and you're complaining?

                Step back and evaluate your goals here.