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tips for healing acne scars?

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    Hey mate.

    I have been on virtually all acne meds. The last one was isotretinoin (roaccutane in other countries). It is an orange and white rugby ball looking pill. Worked wonders, except when I came off it the acne came back.

    I have been Primal for about two years and off those pills for just less than that. I have had no problems. Thankfully I had no scarring as every time I got a whitehead or spot, the meds seem to clear it up.

    In the initial stages I used a product called PanOxyl (varies from 2.5-10 or 15% in strength). That works wonders for removing scarring as it basically does what chemical peels do but over a longer period. You can also get isotretinoin cream/gel which was really effective.

    I personally advise again any medication unless necessary but in this instance you could benefit from PanOxyl or Isotretinoin gel (i think the latter requires a prescription, at least in the UK).

    Also, try using coconut oil as a face wash. I use it everyday. Once I have washed my hair, dry the face and apply the coconut oil. Massage in for a couple of minutes. Leave it on your face and wash the rest of yourself then come back to the face and just wash off the coconut oil. Works wonders in the shower without the use of harsh exfoliants. If you're having a bath you would have to use an exfoliant or the coconut oil is a pain to take off. It also leaves the skin smooth.

    See if that helps you mate. Speak to your dermo about POxyl or Iso-gel.

    Best of luck mate.

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      Thanks for the tips.


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