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    How many grams of fat on average do you eat? I dont eat much food during the day and never really questioned it until today. I looked up chicken breast, which is what I usually have for supper. Most sites have a chicken breast at about 3-6g of fat. Doesnt seem like much. I've decided to eat more greek yogurt and try coconut milk (i ve heard that contains lots of fat) and possibly avocados.

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    I get about 50-70% of my calories from fat. I really don't like big hunks of meat fat of any kind. I've tried. I've thrown away my cooking spray and replaced it with avocado oil and butter, so that has helped. I tried bullet proof coffee, and though I love the taste, it was making me feel sluggish rather than sated. Bone broth tastes good, but too much of that, and just hand me a good book and a roll of tp, because I'll be locked in the "library" for a lot of the day.

    So at about 50%, I feel good. At about 70%, I feel nasty. Is it because it works differently for women? Because I'm not as active as I should be? Is it n=1? I don't know. I'm guessing n=1. But I do know that carbs are more indicative as to weight loss goals (and overall wellbeing) for me than fats. When I eat clean, I get lean. When I eat fluffy (lots of carbs even good ones), I get fluffy looking and my brain gets sluggish. The same kind of holds true for fat. I guess I'm just a protein eating kind of person.
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      Not Eating Before a Workout, Waiting Too Long After Exercise to Eat,
      4. Replacing Meals with Energy Bars or Replacement Drinks
      5. Eating Too Much Protein and Not Enough Carbs, Trusting Dietary Supplements Labels and Claims....


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        eesh, i haven't willingly eaten chicken breast in many years. flavorless. ick. once i went against cw ways of eating i really never eat it, lol.

        now, i barely eat chicken. it's not sating and pastured chix are waaaaaaaay too much $$$$ for too little meat.

        "possibly" avocados? what is the problem?

        are you trying to do this without fatty fish and meat?

        i am a 5'2" female and eat 100 gms of fat or so per day. i have never felt better or been healthier.

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          I eat about 100 - 130 grams of fat a day which usually equates to about... Oh... 55-70% of caloric intake daily. Usually leaning towards the higher end of that range.

          I rarely eat chicken breast anymore UNLESS it's marinated in a juicy high-fat marinade (I've made some good ones with coconut milk) AND cooked in a bunch of oil. But it's easier just to cook up a steak or some ground meat most of the time, or a fattier cut of pork and use that, so I hardly bother. Sometimes I'll do chicken thighs if I leave the skin on, and that's pretty good. But that takes more time, so even though there is plenty of fat, I usually just go for an easier option.

          Fatty fish is also pretty quick to fry in oil or poach in water and drizzle olive oil over top of it when done.
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            I mainly eat chicken breast cause its easy. Throw it in the oven and watch tv. Until recently I didn't realize it was a pretty empty neutral food. I wouldn't be able to afford to eat steak everyday. I could see myself eating taco salad ground beef though.

            I said "maybe avocado" because I have never had avocado before.

            Thx for all the tips everyone


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              I am 5ft 10, 140lb female and eat 100-200 grams of fat a day (average 60-70% of calories). Chicken breasts are certainly not a big part of my menu but I try to include both fatty meats (grass fed beef, lamb, pork) and super lean stuff (turkey, kangaroo, ostich, venison) and all sorts of fish. Plus, I love butter and coconut oil, eat seeds, nuts and avocados. There are so many beautiful foods with high levels of fat if you really want to add more fat and venture out of chicken+veg area.