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  • Cramping....(again)

    This weekend I was camping at a great mountain bike event, but one of the nights was much colder than expected. I have a 32 degree sleeping bag that WILL have a companion by NEXT October. Thankfully Saturday evening was close to 25 degrees warmer.

    Friday evening I had terrible leg cramping on those times I had to make the cold journey from my tent to the bathhouse. It wasn't a long walk, but my feet, calves, and shins were cramping during the trip. Not, however, when I was asleep or actually in my sleeping bag (as ineffective as it was). No other problems with it the next night but, of course, it was much warmer.

    I've started taking CALM magnesium supplement in the last couple of weeks. I did hydrate that day, and am trying to figure out what might have been the cause of the cramping. Someone told me that if we get too cold that will do it - but I've not been able to confirm that - at least at none of the sites I've looked at. The temps were in the high 30's that night. It took until noon the next day for my feet to thaw...

    Leg cramping in general appears to becoming more of a problem, and it never happened prior to going primal. Thoughts anyone?
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    You sound just like me! LOL I know, it's no laughing matter when you jump out of bed with a calf or ham cramp. I tried everything: magnesium malate, insane hydration, adding in more salt, more potassium, etc. and nothing helped or made any difference.

    Cold however is definitely a trigger for me. When I sleep with the window open and it's very cold outside, I can almost guarantee a cramp.

    I eat relatively low carb and have tried upping my carbs after listening to one of Robb Wolf's podcasts and it didn't really help. Possibly because I don't like to eat higher carb and won't maintain it? I don't know....


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      I've NEVER had cramping before going primal - so there is something different that is making me more susceptible to this. I know a lack of calcium can cause this, as well as magnasium, potassium, etc. I am not VLC, but live somewhere between 50-70 grams of carbs. Ok, so perhaps it is as I am very active but there it is.


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        I'm not sure what's going on. I also get carbs in that range, but likely on the lower end and below a bit. I did get cramps occasionally when I was in my early 20's but mainly due to extreme leg training, specifically when doing a calf workout. I no longer do those but when I am doing heavy squats and deads, I am always waiting for the cramps to come on that night. They don't, but can.

        I can't say for sure if paleo made them worse or not, but having had them in the past, and as they always seem to happen when it's cold, I doubt paleo is the cause. For me, that is.


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          I wonder if its something as simple as salt ???? Since going Paleo my cramps have been really bad, however after upping my salt,, legs and toes are much better. ( I was already taking magnesium) Obviously if we are not eating processed foods, we are not taking all that added sodium in - maybe its this simple ?
          Can't hurt to give it a try for a few days ???
          good luck
          "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

          ...small steps....


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            I'm in the same boat! Ever since going primal I've gotten leg and foot cramps during the night. It;s very warm here still so the cold is not a factor. I take Calm as well, salt with minerals, calcium, and lots of water. I get most of my carbs from vegies. I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it either. I'd love to hear the answer as well!!!!


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              Me too. I take a magnesium supplement and read somewhere that you need to take calcium and mg together as lack of calcium will cause leg cramps. When they occur I add a calcium supplement. I also wondered if it was due to increased activity but it;s never happened before. Happened to my 7 year old last week, she woke up sobbing her legs were having muscle spasms.


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                I have to keep my carbs around 150g to ward off leg cramps. I also eat white potatoes and bananas, which contain potassium. I thought it was magnesium when I started eating primal/paleo, but supplements didn't help. Bumping the carbs up did. I'm not super active either, just do some walking and try to avoid being sedentary. That helped me, but as always, YMMV.