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Is is primal, Nectresse??

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  • Is is primal, Nectresse??

    I typically use Stevia if I need a sweetner, which is a rare occasion. However, recently I saw an add for Nectresse. After looking at the ingredients it does look primal, but wanted to get others' thoughts and opinions.

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    It seems ok, but given that sugar and molasses are both listed as ingredients, I don't see how it can claim to have zero calories.

    Truth be told, it might be an ok choice, but I'd just stick to your stevia.
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      To be honest.. dont think id trust anything from the makers of "splenda"
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        After looking at the ingredients it does look primal,
        Tell us the ingredients.
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          I would say anything that came from a package and is processed like that is not primal.
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