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    If my daily calorie needs are 2,000 and I skip breakfast and lunch and just have my evening meal is the idea to catch up on calories in that one sitting?
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    That depends on what your goals are. If you're trying to lose weight, I would cut back a little. If it's just for health reasons, eat until satisfied.
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      ^^^ That.

      Plus, (I don't have it handy but maybe someone does) there was an article that said something about how you can "lose" up to 14% of the meal's calories when you eat hearty after a fast.

      Anyone know what/where the article was?


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        Fasting is a fine method for controlling daily calorie intake, just make sure that meal is still healthy with a good amount of veggies. Pigging out at one meal can cause gastric distress, so if you don't get enough fiber, it's a good way to clog yourself up...

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          Start by eating until you're satisfied. If you are losing or putting on more weight than your goals merit, then add or drop calories a bit as necessary.
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            I found that my hands were getting cold in the hours leading up to dinner, so now I deliberately have cream (and dessert) with dinner for an extra jolt of calories.
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              I would cut back a little


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                Remember that calories are best counted as averaged over a week or two, so if you're a little low, but satisfied, then you should be fine. It's easy to go over a different day if you feel you need to.


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                  Originally posted by tradawg View Post
                  That depends on what your goals are. If you're trying to lose weight, I would cut back a little. If it's just for health reasons, eat until satisfied.
                  For the most part I'm trying to gain weight, but I don't believe being in a constant surplus to be particularly healthy so thought I'd inject aome fasting evey now and then. Would this mean I should try catch up on calories if I did the fast?
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