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Is MCT oil Primal?

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  • Is MCT oil Primal?

    Wouldn't it be better to get our MCT's from coconuts (raw meat or shredded flakes) instead of a refined oil?

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    It's not "Primal" by its definition, since it's refined.
    But, personally, I'd rather want to know if it's good for our health in the long term than just primal. Many things in my life aren't primal yet I don't want to ditch them.

    Coconuts are awesome, and coconut oil is tasty.
    Young self-caring Paleo-eater from France.
    (So please forgive the strange way I tend to express myself in your beautiful language )


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      I still use it. It has the ketone-producing parts of the coconut oil without the other parts. The people who promote coconut oil for Alzheimer's protection say it produces a longer-lasting level of ketones in the blood, but I decided some of each was good. I have a strong family history of late-onset Alzheimers, and I figure making sure my brain has ketones available as an alternative fuel is worth trying.
      age 56, type 2 diabetes, swimmer
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        I drink mct oil everyday!! yumm
        Started Primal November 20, 2011
        Slipped from Christmas-New Years
        January 2, 2012 until Death= 100% Primal/Paleo

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        Goal Weight-Skinny with a 6 pack and lean all around



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          Originally posted by Artbuc View Post
          Wouldn't it be better to get our MCT's from coconuts (raw meat or shredded flakes) instead of a refined oil?
          By definition, as has been said, no, it's not "primal", but the health benefits from consuming it are so great that we make exception to the source of the MCT fat because of this. Any way that we can encourage the ease of consumption for such beneficial substances is a win in my book because more people are thus, willing to consume them.

          Besides, you simply can't underestimate the value of high smoke point oils and fats. They lessen oxidation of the contained fats and are ideal for cooking as a result. This outweighs (at least in my opinion), any benefit the oil being "not primal."
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            MCT oil is awesome! I've never been able to keep a steady weight, and this stuff has given me more energy to workout - along with a few more pounds of muscle. While it is not primal, it is very good for people with digestive problems, any type of dementia/alzheimers, and for anyone looking to lose weight.

            One disclaimer, do not take it if you have a history of liver problems.


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              I often use MCT oil to make mayonnaise. It's tasteless and doesn't get hard in the fridge like coconut oil or olive oil does, so it works well for mayo.