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    So I am only two weeks primal and am definitely trying to stay focused on the 80/20 rule that it doesn't have to be perfect. As I am exploring my way through this lifestyle there are a few foods that I have included and want to know the overall impression of these foods.

    1. Dark Chocolate Almonds or Dark Chocolate Expresso Beans
    2. Naked Juices
    3. Protein Powder with Almond Milk
    4. Two Moms in the Raw Bars
    5. Popcorn

    These are the exceptions to the rule as I am focusing on lean proteins, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds but want to know how these factor in to my plan. Thanks for your help, opinions and advice in advance!

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    Limit all those foods to your 20%. It's better eating real foods that give you real nutrition (as in micronutrients).
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      1-5 in moderation or as needed and chalk it up to your 20%. I have no idea what 4 is. 2 and 5 actually give me the most pause.


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        1. Dark Chocolate Almonds or Dark Chocolate Expresso Beans - Yum, easy to be moderate about espresso beans
        2. Naked Juices - Kinda better to eat your food than drink it
        3. Protein Powder with Almond Milk - protein powder isn't real food
        4. Two Moms in the Raw Bars - don't know what that is
        5. Popcorn - make it from loose popcorn the old-fashioned way. Not some microwave, pre-salted, pre-fatted crap.
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          The Two Moms In the Raw Bars are tasty, but are made with sugar... if I recall correctly, they use agave nectar (but that's still sugar). So yeah, I guess as long as you know it's not primal and are ok with that, then go for it? But it's definitely part of the 20%.


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            What sbhikes said
            + two moms in the raw has oat groats and agave... decidedly non primal, but a better choice than a cliff bar or a muffin, for sure. I'll grab one occasionally because that and the just fruit (dried w/out additives & junk) are the closest to primal that you can get at starbucks (my boss drinks a lot of coffee...)


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              I pretty much agree with everyone here.

              1. Dark Chocolate Almonds or Dark Chocolate Expresso Beans - Eat, but keep them in the kitchen. It's too easy to sit on the couch and down an entire bag of dark choco almonds.
              2. Naked Juices - Nix. Go for unsweetened tea or bottled coconut water (or regular water) instead.
              3. Protein Powder with Almond Milk - Yuck! Why would you want to drink that? Is your protein powder chocolate or something? Instead mix some unsweetened coco powder in your almond milk. Get your protein from eggs - if you trust your raw eggs they make an excellent shake.
              4. Two Moms in the Raw Bars - "raw" products are generally held together by sugar and sometimes bulk with grains (to keep them cheap). You can make your own instead. There are lots of recipes on this site and others.
              5. Popcorn - Popcorn is a butter delivery device. You can probably find a better butter delivery device. Even rice would be a better bdd. Personally, I like steak

              Looks like your questions are mostly all products instead of food. Try mostly buying and eating food that doesn't have an ingredients list.


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                Almost all of these sound like candy parading as "healthy" options.

                (Pop) Corn. Here's a post from Mark's blog: Corn Is Not a Vegetable | Mark's Daily Apple

                In it you'll find that corn is not a vegetable, but a grain. Primal states that grains are bad. Also, in the U.S. between 85 and 91% of all corn is genetically modified - don't believe me, check out the USDA website. It's bad stuff all around. If you can get non GMO corn from another country, it would still be a grain, but at least it wouldn't be some frankenfood being subsidized to feed cattle and oh, since we have so much of it, let's feed it to people. Grain + GMO = no rationalization on earth makes this a good food.
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                  I don't really see anything drastically wrong with the items on your list besides that Naked juices are ridiculously overpriced for what you can get and make yourself at 1/10 the cost, ditto with the raw bars. Why would you want to drink your fruit abs vegetables anyway, when eating them is so much more tasty and fun?
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                    I can't comment on most of these, but Naked juice is very high in sugar- about like 40-60g per bottle (a 12oz Mt. Dew is 46g). Look for the lower sugar content ones if you really want to drink one, usually the ones with "veggie" in the name (note that each bottle is 2 servings when checking the sugar content).

                    This is a common theme of products marketed as health foods; most people know soda is bad because it has so much sugar, but they don't bother to compare the sugar content of 'healthy' alternatives like juices. I just found a bottle of raspberry kefir at the health food store with about 80g of sugar per bottle (although this may represent the initial content before partial fermentation, which would reduce it somewhat). Commercial yogurts, teas, juices, snack bars, etc. marketed as health food often are terrible choices because they're loaded with sugar. In general, if it tastes sweet, it should raise suspicion.


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                      1. a handful now and again should be fine. just don't nomnom the whole bag in front of the tube tonight.

                      2. juice is not much better for you than soda. all the sugar, none of the fiber. i haven't drunk the stuff in many years.

                      3. eat real food.

                      4. ? never heard of it, but you shouldn't really need this kind of snack. if you want nuts, eat nuts. or whatever is in there not surrounded by sugar or grains.

                      5. one of the few foods i really miss. feh. it's been years since i had it and i am so much healthier without grains.
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                        I grab a red machine naked juice every now and then, but I definitely dont make it a habit. One bottle has 340 calories in it! And lots of sugar with 60 some grams. It's a decent source of micronutrients, but there are better ways to get them. If I go to the movies, I get popcorn. I only go to the movies maybe once per year so I'm not to worried about that. I believe you can make primal energy bars (I think I saw a recipe on here) so that might be a better alternative to the whatever bars you mentioned. In general as long as you are limiting your consumption of these things to your 20% I wouldn't worry too much.


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                          For number 3, protein powder in almond milk, I'd also point out that there is some controversy about protein powder production and the effects of the processing on the integrity of the proteins and amino acids. I've seen some sources claiming there is no way to make protein isolate without creating harmful MSG-like byproducts, but protein concentrate may or may not be less compromised. Other sources claim there are some processing methods that are safe for protein isolates such as low temperature microfiltration. I haven't seen enough references to really decide who's right on the matter, but if you do choose to use protein powders, concentrate may be a better choice if it is of good quality (concentrate is usually derided as cheap or lower quality protein powder, because it's not pure protein, but it's also less aggressively processed) and pay attention to the production method (microfiltration may be better than ion exchange and spray-drying). Concentrate does also retain some lactose, which may be a problem for some.


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                            I think everything is relative. None of those are akin to hoho's and BBQ chips. However, if weight loss is a goal, you may need to ditch some of those items and focus on whole foods.

                            I really wanted chocolate to work for me. It didn't. I tried everything. Can't have it if I want to lose fat. So... if you stall on weight loss, you might look at those foods as the culprits.

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                              I'd cut the popcorn outright.

                              The rest, I agree with the others to not eat them daily and to consider them part of your 20%.

                              The only thing I might add is go very easy on the Naked juices. Eat the bulk of your calories, don't drink them. So if you do have one, drink it slowly and really savor it. And do it only very occasionally.
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