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  • fruit

    I know fruit is ok in moderation, but in moderation is it needed? (does that make sense?)

    I dont eat fruit. Ever.

    Should I be biting the bullet and choking down like a hand full of blue berries or something every morning? Chased with a pound of bacon.

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    No, fruit is not necessary. I'm with you - can't stand the stuff. I'd much rather eat a bowl of broccoli than choke down an apple.


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      I'm pretty sure you can get all the vitamins fruit gives you in various veggies.

      I'm a berry freak myself and love citrus. Mangoes (a rare treat) blended with vodka and ice are yummy. I also infuse vodka with citrus peel (not the pith) for an inexpensive and uncarby take on limoncello.

      Also, prosciutto wrapped melon is a salty sweet delight. Sorry, I digress.

      But no, it's not necessary almost ever to eat something you don't like. Chances are the nutrients found in that food are found elsewhere in nature.
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        I enjoy fruit, but I keep it to a minimum. I only hit the sweet stuff if my exercise is extensive that day.


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          I eat fruit also but try to keep it at a minimum myself. Low glycemic (unless I'm working out heavy that day). In the same way we make the distinction between factory farmed meat and grass fed meat, it's important to make the distinction of wild foods vs hybridized foods. HUGE difference. Wild (closer to raw) is always better. It has stronger genetics.

          When it comes to fruit we should also keep that in mind.


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            I just don't like fruit that much. I wouldn't choose it over a lot of foods.....and since its not necessary I don't. Bell peppers for C if you believe you need it, otherwise life will be fine without it.


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              Most, if not all nutrition that can be obtained from fruits can be obtained from veggies or even offal. So no, fruits are not necessary. But if you want to eat them, eat them. They are perfectly primal.

              Just be aware of how the sugar makes you respond. I tend to binge on sugars, even from fruits. I know this about myself, so I tend to avoid fruits personally. But each person needs to make that decision for themselves.
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                ^ I cant binge on fruit...I just realized that I actually do love raspberries on my salad with goat cheese and walnuts....this combo is just awesome. In fact its why I planted 4 raspberry this year. Kinda forgot that


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                  I find that fruit makes my hunger drive go crazy. Did an experiment and nixed all fruit, and my hunger drive totally regulated. I also track all of my vitamin and mineral intake, and haven't found any deficiencies from nixing the fruit.


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                    Nope, most of your essential vitamins and nutrients can be found in other foods. I think of it as nature's candy. Awesome but not necessary for survival. Why eat something if you don't enjoy every bite?
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                      Yes, 'nature's candy.' As with some of the other posters, my body responds to fruit (which I love) much like any sugar--I get an insatiable desire to eat everything in sight--and more.

                      So I never buy fruit and eat it very, very rarely. I don't think of it as 'bad,' it's just bad for me.


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                        i eat berries once or twice per week, as an excuse to eat some grass-fed local cream. had a few peaches when they were local and in-season. that's about it. now most of it is just too sweet to me and i used to eat quite a lot.

                        i am not dead.
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                          I absolutely adore fruit, I can't understand my anyone can dislike it. I love most fruit especially melon - cantaloupe and water melon (I've just finished a whole cantaloupe), raspberries, blue berries, strawberries, bananas (I eat at least two bananas a day mostly in the morning) and pomegranates. I also have an addiction to fruit smoothies which I am trying to curb but I'm finding it difficult.


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                            isn't fructose necessary for t3 conversion in the liver?
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                              Originally posted by homunculus View Post
                              isn't fructose necessary for t3 conversion in the liver?

                              I adore fruit and eat it in moderation. Ok, moderation is kindof hard, so i just don't buy it all the time.
                              Eating fruit makes me feel good overall and the fructose keeps my hair from falling off. Whenever i go back to vlc, the shedding resumes.
                              I am very active and excercise a lot, so it doesn't seem to make me gain weight.