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  • Ode to coconut


    Been primal just a couple of months now and along the way reduced dairy. Recently also dropped butter & cream after noticing mucus and skin reactions as well as the larger issue of not eating foods that are more for babies than adults (imho). Since I live in very temperate SF CA I hadn't really had too much coconut as it seemed tropical and out of place, but after just one week I *totally* love it!

    Coffee/tea with coconut milk is just fine.

    Sweet potatoes or yams mashed with coco oil and a bit of nutmeg are scrumptious (ps, having one of these in the evenings has been good my sleep too).

    Just today tried this -

    Organic coco butter (on sale at WF) and it is just fantastic!! I could eat this by the spoon straight out of the jar for dessert.

    Will try eggs scrambled in regular coconut oil tomorrow (as recommended in some recent posts).

    Anyway, for those of you on the fence about dairy, I don't miss it in the slightest after adding coconut milk, oil and coco butter.

    This may sound a little hippy-dippy but it also seems to bring on some 'love' brain chemistry. It's not quite as intense as chocolate but still something I am noticing. There may be some science behind this as coconut oil is 50% lauric acid, and the only other source is breast milk. There was one post a while ago from someone commenting about coco milk "It's LOVE" and now I am getting it.