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Eating Raw Meat

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    I also lost a lot of muscle doing a raw diet for 5 months- I couldn't utilize the plant protein, no matter how much I consumed, and I didn't do a lot of sashimi. I tried raw eggs in my smoothies, but they invariably made me feel queasy about 15 min. later.

    It's funny- freezing meat doesn't deactivate much of the enzyme activity. A lot of cultures consume frozen meat. There used to be arguments about that on the raw food forum, and also arguments about things like date palms, in the desert where temps reach 120 (which would technically kill all the enzymes in the fresh dates if the theory were completely true;-)

    Yes- I'd like to try tartare and kibbeh (and I might if I get my own meat grinder and use local, grass-fed:-)

    I used to think that raw meat was unappealing, but I've been tempted to eat some of my middle eastern lamb meatball mixture raw! It really smelled good. And I do just barely sear certain cuts of beef.