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    I'm a newbie and have been lurking around and reading various threads that seem interesting. I'm kinda freaking about about all the supplements lots of people seem to take and the talk about thyroid. Is there really any reason to need supplements? Or are people just taking them because they notice specific symptoms that they are trying to address? Also I have felt a strange sensation since I started PB (only 2 weeks in) that my throat was kinda 'swollen'. Or kind of a lump in throat... Feels and looks normal from the outside. I realize I'd have to go to the doc to check thyroid for real but has anybody else felt that? Think it could be my thyroid?
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    Not sure on the thyroid/lump issue.

    I supplement with magnesium because I get migraines if I don't.

    Other than that, I tend to maybe take a good multi if I haven't been eating like I should, if I've been sick, or for some reason just need the extra insurance for a time.

    Sometimes I'll experiment with a particular supplement, but if I don't notice any difference after a month or so, I don't bother.


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      Supplements depends on individual needs. If you're basically healthy and you eat a good healthy diet with lots of fresh veggies and good meats - maybe you don't need any. I take tons cuz I need them. I'm vit. d and b deficient so I load up on those. Plus my adrenals needed a good boost - as per lab results - so I take heavy doses of stuff for that. I take a multiple vitamin, iron cuz I'm always teetering on being anemic, calcium cuz I don't do dairy (lactose intolerant), potassium cuz I have fibromyalgia and tend to cramp up a lot! I take vitamin E cuz I think it makes my skin look better. I take vitamin C just to boost the old immune system.

      I also eat very healthy since changing to primal a year ago.

      It all depends on what your body needs.

      As for the feeling of fullness in the throat --- I work for Endocrinologist --- go get it checked out. A blood test and a simply thyroid ultra sound will tell if there is anything to worry about.
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        Iodine deficiency used to be a huge problem in the US and other developed countries. The CW diet lacked iodine greatly, and so they began adding it to salt (i.e. "Iodized Salt").

        So, when you cut out processed foods and consequently cutting out a lot of iodized salt, you're probably cutting out your only good source of iodine. I think everyone here should make sure they're getting enough.

        From: WHFoods: iodine
        Some of the richest food sources of iodine are often processed foods that contain iodized salt, and breads that contain iodate dough conditioners.

        Sea vegetables are an excellent source of iodine. Yogurt, cow's milk, eggs, and strawberries are very good sources of idone. Good sources include mozzarella cheese.

        Fish and shellfish require their own special category when it comes to iodine content, because the amount of iodine they contain is not always easy to predict.


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          Get your thyroid hormone levels tested (all of them), but it could be a transient thing, and it won't necessarily show up in your bloodwork. I don't mean to scare you but I had several large nodes and my bloodwork was always "normal."

          I don't take alot of supplements, but I try to take a good multi when I remember. Try to find one that has selenium and iodine in it to support your thyroid, or just eat more brazil nuts and seaweed.


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            Originally posted by excursivey View Post
            Is there really any reason to need supplements?
            Dr Cordain does not recommend anything other than fish oil, and, in winter taking some Vitamin D. The latter in the summer too if one doesn't get any sun. He says that if we eat properly we should get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals we need. Further, taking other supplements may harm long term health.

            My wife "makes" (it's an easier life if I comply) take Vitamin C in winter as I always tended to get a lot of colds. I bought some Krill Oil for us but she refuses to take it so I have that all to myself. I honestly haven't felt any benefit from the oil so I think I'll just revert to Omega 3 in fish oil once I run out as it is significantly cheaper.
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              Most probably you should relax and not worry about it. The food you're eating now is much better for you than the food you were eating. Lots of us don't supplement much of anything. Don't let the paranoid ones make you paranoid too.
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                I don't take any supplements. I might take Vitamin D again when there's less sun, but right now there's plenty of sun, it's warm and I go out every day in shorts to soak it up.
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                  i take d3 because i am deficient. magnesium which has helped a lot and am also taking k2.

                  recently added a chinese herb called dong quai for lady issues and that has made huge improvements in those.

                  multivitamins never seem to provide the nutrients i need in the proportions i want. plus all the water-soluble ones that are so high in them just go right down the toilet. the body can only process so much at a time.

                  i eat bone broth most days, consume a wide variety of both land and sea veggies and critters, plus plenty of offal. my diet rocks.
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