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Bye bye peppers and potatoes!

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  • Bye bye peppers and potatoes!

    After eating fairly primal for a while, I decided to add potatoes back in small quantities, since we usually grow a few hundred pounds as a staple for fall. I noticed a boiled potato here & there almost made me feel better. I'd lose a lot of water weight the morning after, and my digestion was good. So I figured a heaping helping of oven roasted spuds with a couple of fried eggs on top would also be good. Ate this combo a few days in a row and got massive tummy upset. Ok. I got the message.

    So it's been pepper harvest time and we gorged a couple times a week on chilies relleno, stir-fry, bacon-wrapped cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos, etc. I noticed some mild tummy issues, but not bad enough to put me off peppers.

    Last night I made a tray of the bacon-wrapped peppers, since they were the last of the season. I didn't eat that many, because there was steak coming off the grill next. But I guess the combo of potatoes for breakfast and peppers with dinner was too much. Woke up this morning with the worst reaction ever! Bad enough I had to stay home from work.

    I've also been eating a few tomatoes every day.

    So I'm planning to drop back my nightshade consumption until I feel better, then try small servings of one at a time and see what happens. I'd like to get that nice feeling after eating the boiled potatoes, but I wonder if I didn't push myself into an intolerance issue.
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    Well, if it's any consolation, bell peppers do the same thing to me.

    Peppers hate me.


    Even my URINE smells like peppers, it seems, even if I just look at one.

    I still eat them sometimes, but then I have to face the consequences....

    Anyway, feeling your pain on the pepper front at least.

    Potatoes don't do a darn thing, thank goodness.



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      Yeah, i had to give up peppers, too. All of them. It's a shame because i loved each and every variety. They never caused me any problems until I hit 30 - then it was overnight. I miss stuffed jalepenos!

      Thankfully, i seem to be okay with tomatoes and potatoes. Good thing, 'cause i would totally cry.


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        Ill be trialing tomatos and eggplant when theyre in season, ive been nightshade free for about 3-4months now. Its been hard but i hope to be able to have it in moderation, say once a week in a dish, and avoid joint pain this time.


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          I used to have some pretty gnarly psoriasis on my hands and wrists. So bad it would bleed. It would come and go a couple times a year. Never had any idea what was going on. Elimination of nightshades "cured" me of it. Can't explain to you the relief.

          Sadly, we used to cook with various spicy stuff very frequently. Nothing's really replaced that heat. But I'm ultimately happy with the trade-off.


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            I definitely notice joint pain this week too.

            Hopefully the problem was more my overindulgence than oversensitivity.
            Seven Trees Farm - diversified subsistence farming on 1.25 acres.


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              The joke's on me!

              I had to test the pepper thing....I figured a green pepper chopped in scrambled eggs wouldn't hurt. But lo & behold! A few hours later and I'm not a happy camper. I think I'll skip a third trial and assume that peppers are a no for a while.
              Seven Trees Farm - diversified subsistence farming on 1.25 acres.


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                Originally posted by JBailey View Post
                I had to test the pepper thing....
                I'm OK with them if they're well roasted but I don't eat them anywhere near raw.
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