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Wonderful things that primal eating has allowed you to do...

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    My husband's health has improved, his anxiety decreased, and thus I get more lovin.


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      Originally posted by Mr. Koozie View Post
      Drink coffee with heavy cream.
      Yeah i'm loving this, it's a much more satisfying drink than i remember sugar-sweetened coffee to be (only 3 weeks ago!)


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        Let's see, it has enabled me to:

        lose > 100lbs

        wear black shirts (dandruff went away after 38 years of suffering from it)

        eat til I'm thoroughly satisfied everyday and still have visible abs

        save money by not having the flu even once ever since going primal

        keep my molar, which has miraculously "remineralized" after my dentist declared it as "dead" (it was shaky and on the verge of falling off but now it's firm and strong)

        be treated very differently from when I was obese, both from strangers and friends (generally a lot better, sad but true)

        be chatted up and flirted by women half my age on a pretty regular basis!

        buy clothes that fit and wear them confidently (never could do this, ever)

        to be a lot more productive by being mentally and physically sharper and stronger

        sleep a lot better



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          Knowing that I'll never have to go on a diet again
          Start Weight: 63.6kg/140lbs
          Goal Weight: 54kg/118lbs


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            Originally posted by Drumroll View Post
            I love it.

            7) I eat full fat meals and add ADDITIONAL fat to that still, and watch my friends gasp in horror.
            Ah! You took mine!


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              Among many, many other great things at 34y.o. Primal has enabled me to look almost identical to when I was 21.


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                I can break trail in the snow all day without getting hungry. I can go for a 5 hour run before breakfast and have breakfast in the afternoon. And recently, I'm drinking my coffee BLACK and I actually really enjoy it that way. Best of all, I've learned how to cook a hell of a steak.
                Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                  1. Not having to worry about my fat intake.
                  2. Getting myself to skip exercise when I'm tired.
                  3. Stabilizing my blood sugar and not having to eat every 3-4 hrs.
                  4. Dropping body fat way easier.
                  5. Making me more budget conscious and cook everything i have before I buy anything else

                  There are probably other ones too but there are my top 5


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                    Originally posted by specsAreGrok View Post
                    I was just saying tonight before a meal of 3 different past dinners mixed together, "we never used to have a fridge full of leftovers"
                    Yes, this is how I cook now too!


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                      Ah, pesky spam bots. I should read everything before I just get excited and post away....

                      But I do -- I madly combine things from previous meals into a new feast. It's cooking, yet it's not. It's easy on a worknight and keeps me from wasting food. I like this.

                      Mostly though, primal has helped me completely change my relationship with food. I used to be obsessed by food -- and maybe still am, but in a completely different way. In some ways, I was addicted, kind of like with cigarettes. As a smoker I would think -- has it been long enough since my last smoke that my co-workers won't hate me for taking a break while they work? I needed that nic fix, and needed it badly. My life was ruled by cigarettes. In that same way, my life was ruled by food. I'd be hungry all the time eating CW/SAD/veghead. I was always thinking about when my next meal would be, what it would be, what it couldn't be and so forth. Within days of going primal, I felt very relaxed about food. I'm not worried if I miss lunch (which would have been unthinkable just a few months ago). I'm not worried if I eat non-primal at someone's house -- that I just chalk up to my 20% and call it good (and I notice I eat much less of it now than I would have in the old days). I'm not uptight or feeling guilty about what I eat, and that makes me happy. Add to that a continuing weight loss, and I'm downright blissed out.


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                        I can eat all the meat and fat I want, which drains me of energy and makes me too irritable to be intimate with my wife!

                        And now that I'm essentially sedentary, I have plenty of time to look for a good endocrinologist! Yay!

                        Sure do envy you happy people drinking fat.


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                          ^Troll on der jerky


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                            It sped up my metabolism, which I don't like, but I think it shows that my body uses more energy on growing or something. And it made my heartburn go away.
                            Also it made me more confident in the future healthwise and I now get good biology grades without studying
                            well then


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                              It has encouraged me to think about where my food comes from and how it was produced and to more intimately connect with my local food systems.

                              Also, I now cook with joyful abandon and am better in the kitchen than ever (not that I was bad before).
                              “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

                              Owly's Journal


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                                Originally posted by Owly View Post
                                It has encouraged me to think about where my food comes from and how it was produced and to more intimately connect with my local food systems.

                                Also, I now cook with joyful abandon and am better in the kitchen than ever (not that I was bad before).
                                I agree with all of this. Over the past few years I have met and done business with a number of my local farmers that use sustainable practice. They may not be "certified organic", but when you get to speak with a farmer in the pasture with the cows right there roaming and chewing the grass some BS government designation just pales in comparison. I source almost all my meat, eggs, dairy, and a good bit of vegetables to local farmers that I now know. Plus learning to garden and increasing my own yield and knowledge on preservation each year.