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    I have been primal/paleo for 2.5 years now. In the past six weeks, I have lost about 6 pounds, and I am eating more carbs than I have been during this timeframe. I am using a leangains style plan by upping carbs on my training days(250-275g) and lower carbs on non-training days (50-75g). This averages about 175 carbs per day doing this. My carbs consist mostly of sweet potatoes and fruit, and I mean a lot of each. Finally for the first time in my life I can see abs.

    I believe the key is caloric restriction by means of IF and carb cycling. It has worked for me, and has dispelled any theory that fruit and other carbs cause fat gain. I am sure that activity level plays a part. Someone sitting around all day eating a lot of carbs, regardless of the source, may end up gaining fat.


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      For people who don't like the carb curve, Phil Maffetone has a Two-week test where you can determine your own carb curve. Actually, the two weeks just help determine if you have any carb intolerance and after that it's fairly painstaking to determine your own carb curve. No carb intolerance, no need to cut back, but stay away from processed grains.
      Phil Maffetone, - 2 Week Test

      I think Mark is coming from the position that if you are Ken Korg, typical office guy in his 40s with the expanding waistline, you probably have insulin resistance if not full on metabolic syndrome. You're probably an average person, if you follow these average numbers you are going to see positive results. These average numbers are probably based on an average 2000 calorie a day diet with carb numbers based on the myriad of other low carbohydrate diets out there. If you aren't Ken Korg, then you aren't exactly his audience.

      If he doesn't have references in his book, you might need to try a different book with similar recommendations. His book is available at a local bookstore in my town so if you have a well-stocked bookstore, you might try looking for his book there to see if you'd like to purchase it.
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        Originally posted by Lukey View Post
        i'm not sure where he got the info but before you start spreading the info, you should know that it's more the percentage of your calories rather than the amount of carbohydrate. A true low carb diet is anything under 15-20% of your calories. So if you burn 2000 a day thats anything under 80-100g.
        Thanks for the clarification, Lukey.


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          Originally posted by Metric View Post
          I don't have the book with me but are there any references listed for that page? Why don't you email him directly?
          Thanks Metric. I don't recall seeing any references at all, though I haven't read the whole thing (Blueprint).

          Do you happen to have Mark's email address?