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New to Primal nutrition. How is my nutrition looking so far?

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  • New to Primal nutrition. How is my nutrition looking so far?

    I just picked up primal blueprint about a week ago and have a tentative meal plan as of right now. I know you are not supposed to eat necessarily on a schedule but that is how im going to list my meals but I am trying to just eat when I feel hungry and depending on when I work out.
    Breakfast: 4 eggs(with yolk), 1 avocado, about 1 cup of mushrooms, fish oil supplement(Barlean's organic oils) = 2grams
    Lunch: no oat oatmeal- which i found in the free recipe section online.
    post workout: protein shake with soy milk- 16g protein, 4g carbs
    dinner: tuna salad - 50g carbs about, 2 cans tuna - 26g protein

    supplements: multivitamin

    I am really trying to keep the carb count low for a couple weeks and maybe add in some stuff later. Also I assume that almond milk would be better than soy milk? This is just a tentative plan. What do you think? Appreciate any feed back

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    Welcome... I would honestly not worry too much about macros (carbs/fat/protein) when starting out at least and just get used to eating natural, primal approved foods. Carbohydrates aren't inherently bad, and can be a great thing to eat in the right context, like after a tough workout, via things like sweet potatoes or fruits. Try not to develop a sweeping phobia of carbohydrates similar to that of the sweeping phobia of fat that was pervasive in the 80's. That kind of thinking is never good.

    Also, soy gets a real bad rap around these forums for good reasons... almond milk or coconut milk are certainty better choices. Soy is highly inflammatory and has all kinds of bad effects on hormones.

    My personal advice, starting out is this:

    worry about the basics first. EG:

    1) good exercise schedule with adequate heavy lifting and cardio, but not too much. Read Mark's blog post today

    2) eat natural, primal approved foods. There are many delicious choices. Try not to worry too much about macro specifics while starting out

    3) get enough sleep, try not to stress too much, and try to have a good, positive attitude and good outlook on life. That's the whole point of all this, anyway.

    4) don't let perfect be the enemy of good: if you do this 80% of the time you will still be so far ahead of not doing it at all. If you have a piece of bread or a beer once in a while it won't kill you.
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