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How much do your kids eat in a day?

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    Originally posted by Leida View Post
    My daughter is 6...

    And then she goes for days of bringing almost all her food home back from school in the "Mom, I was not hungry' mode.

    I assume it's normal?
    Totally normal.

    When my 9yo was little, we used to joke that he only ate dinner every second night. We did figure out that he would lose interest in meals that were too much effort. If it had to be cut, or took too long to chew, or wouldnt' stay on his fork, he wouldn't put in the effort. Anything made with hamburger is his favorite.
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      My son is 10 and has cystic fibrosis, so we load him up a bit more than average, but here's his routine:
      B: 2 eggs, bacon, avocado, fruit (1/2 an apple or pear), juice, vitamins (killer breakfast, really, almost what I eat)
      L: meat sandwich with avocado, fruit, juice, some kind of dessert like cookies (not that I approve of that part...)
      Snack: nuts, fruit, maybe a smoothie with fruit, yogurt and/or ice cream
      D: meat like chicken, burger, steak, etc., or occasionally meat-sauce pasta, either broccoli or green beans usually, fruit, then some sweet for dessert.
      Don't know what those calories add up to...


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        Hey Tom B-D My 14 yr old son also has CF but he is pancreatic sufficient. He's always been a light eater until recently partly due to his age but mostly because he is on prednisone. He loves meat but his portions are relatively small about 3-4 oz. When he has eggs he usually only has one. He loves strong cheeses, exotic mushrooms (it's amazing how much he will eat) salmon and fruit. Lately he's been eating 2 large pomegranates a day. I'd say he eats about as much as I do for meals (1800 cal?) and then has several snacks of fruit and cheese in addition.
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          Originally posted by Sandra in BC View Post
          he would lose interest in meals that were too much effort. If it had to be cut, or took too long to chew, or wouldnt' stay on his fork, he wouldn't put in the effort.
          I've definitely had this, too and had to feed or at least cut children's food for quite a long time. Thank goodness to be past that stage now.

          Also, I am impressed with the primalness of kids' diets on here. Time to move my dd up a notch I think, starting with breakfast. She's an early bird so it's hard for me to get to the kitchen first, haha.

          But if I can get her started on the bacon and eggs, she could move her ricies and yoghurt to afternoon snack, that would be nice and easy for her and me both.
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            My 2.5 year old gets about 1700 cals a day. Kids like a mini space heater.


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              I have a 12 yr old daughter and a 14 yr old son. I try to cook them decent food but they have access to their pocket money and quite a bit of it goes on junk. Calorie wise it is hard to see where they stash it all as they are still quite slim.
              In the past year I have discovered that I am gluten, grain, dairy and legume intolerant.

              I am trying to make sense of it all through my blog:


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                For my 7 year old daughter it really depends on the day. But some things are consistent. She MUST eat immediately upon waking or she becomes very irritable and crabby. She generally grabs a piece of fruit, a bell pepper, or carrots as we head out the door to walk the dog as soon as we wake up. When we come back from walking 2 miles she may eat anywhere from 2-8 slices of bacon, 2-3 eggs, and possibly some broccoli and cauliflower, some raw cacao with a tablespoon of cream off the top of the can of coconut milk. If she isn't in the mood for bacon and eggs she may drink a fruit smoothie.

                She will grab some fruit later in the morning. Lunch varies I pack sausage or beef jerky or left over dinner, vegetables, goat cheese, salami etc... she may eat half a pound of raw carrots several days in a row. She some times eats an awesome dinner of meat, vegetables, and then a "sweet" treat consisting of some type of cookie or cupcake made with almonds or coconut flour and very little of the sweet. A favorite is canned pumpkin with cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup.

                Other nights she may eat a few bites and then nothing. She swims 5 days a week and when she swims in the evening she often eats her dinner during the car ride home. She may have a package of beef jerky, goat cheese, some macadamia nuts etc...

                But it varies day by day so I pretty much just keep a well stocked lunch box with us when we leave for the day (we are homeschoolers) so we are out and about most days. She is muscular and looks relatively slender compared to other kids I see. I think she is about 125 cm or so and 50 pounds.