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Getting my kids off the junk and getting the fiance on board

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    Originally posted by bostonwolf View Post
    Kids eat what you allow them to eat. You and your ex- unfortunately just gave in whenever he said "I'm not eating that."

    Serve a normal, healthy dinner. If they don't want to eat it, that's fine, but they go to bed hungry. That won't happen too many times before they are willing to at least try what's on their plate.
    That's exactly how it was for me growing up. My parents didn't force me to eat what everyone else was eating if I didn't want to, but there was no way they were going to make me something else just because I was being picky. If I wanted something else, I'd have to make it myself. And you're right - most of the time I just gave in or I didn't eat at all, and I had no one to blame but myself. I'm grateful for that now.


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      I think if you are the one buying the food and cooking it than the menu is up to you. Your child might pitch a fit but he will get over it. You're the parent and I can understand that it is difficult to deal with such behavior but it is more important that you make sure you are doing the right thing for him now.
      The fiance is another issues. My BF also thinks grains are important and I can't see him going without in the near future. But I am slowly working on changing that way of thinking.


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        So far you have gotten a lot of good advice and so have I thanks to your post.
        I especially like having pasta in the house and just not being the one to cook it. Chances are it will never be cooked.
        No way will my 16 year old son make his own mac and cheese (however he will if it is prepackaged so I don't buy it).
        I will by a couple of boxes of pasta to sit in the cabinets though, that way the next time there is a groan I can say,"You can
        make some macaroni and cheese. We have pasta, butter and cheese." and then I will hear,"That's alright." and he will exit the
        kitchen. That way he is given the power. Pasta is cheap and it will make the cabinets seem not so bare. If he actually starts
        to make it himself I will just buy "healthier" pasta....
        My husband is NOT a health nut kind of guy at all but will eat whatever I make so I am kind of fortunate. I will hear that he
        can taste the coconut in everything and he will say it would taste good with cheese on top but that is about it.
        As for the kids, I just keep the house stocked with what I would like for them to eat. Yogurt and cottage cheese are always
        in the frig, fruit is on the counter and jerky and nuts in the cabinets. You can only control what goes on in your own home though. Children (and adults) are bombarded with junk food every where they go, our school systems even uses candy as
        a reward for doing homework. I have learned to do what I can do and let go of the rest. It is frustrating but I have a little
        piece of mind knowing that my kitchen is stocked with love whether the family sees it that way or not.


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          So many great ideas. I love the concept of laziness - so true. Every time I have University Son home, I wash and put out fresh fruit on the counter. He doesn't eat enough fresh stuff on his own, so instead of going looking for junk (which he won't find much of in my house), he nibbles at the fresh stuff on the counter all day. And if Mom makes him bacon and eggs for breakfast, he won't complain or go looking for starchy stuff. Meaty and veggie-rich suppers. I fill him up with good stuff and loving every time he comes home. He balks a bit at the "high fat" stuff, but laziness (and a young man's healthy appetite) are enough to have him eating the good stuff.

          Overall, I try to cook good clean Primal fare, with the occasional grain on the side for hubby.

          Use potatoes and rice ad lib to make the meals seem "normal". Nothing says Primal needs to be low carb...


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            my kids arent grain free, but def. gluten and dairy free. You can be GF and still live on junk food---but it's going to cost you a lot more moolah, so you have to be careful, but perhaps this is a good transition for you?
            Check out my blog on nature and nurture!