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    Originally posted by Drumroll View Post
    From a primal perspective on carbs, juicing may not be the optimal way to cobsune your veggies. You lose a lot of the nutrient content and increase carb content that way. I suppose it depends on what your goals are, especially in relation to carbs, but from my perspective, I'd just eat more veggies in their whole state, either cooked or raw. You'll get the same nutrient content and maybe even MORE that way.

    But that's just my opinion on it. Don't take it as law. Glad you're going to be joining us in a healthier way of eating!
    Most nutrients are not found in the outer layer of vegetables commonly used in juicing. You will get more dense nutrients per calorie/weight, more absorbable nutrients, and greater variety. Sure, there is some waste and you don't need to juice vegetables to be healthy but no doubt it is a big help. I would encourage anyone to do so it has great benefits. In a 16oz drink you can get mass nutrients from a variety of vegetables and consume it all in a minute or two and benefit immediately. Variety of leafy greens, carrots, cucumber/celery, beats, etc all in one drink. Try getting that variety of nutrients in a comparable calorie amount.

    And don't give me the carbs in juicing crap. There are not many carbs in most vegetables period.
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      I thought the reason not to juice was mainly with fruits... when you juice them you get concentrated fructose with a few vitamins and minerals. Very spiky for the insulin. I'm not sure about juicing veggies, it might be alright.
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        paleo doesn't advocate lots of raw?

        what about the BAS
        yeah you are

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          Well, I try to have veggies with every meal. A lot of the time it's salad greens, which qualify as raw and uncooked. But I often have cooked veggies... it frees up the nutrients. I don't think there's any real NEED to eat uncooked veggies at all. But veggies in general, we do need.