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Thinking I need to cut dairy...

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  • Thinking I need to cut dairy...

    I'm 15 days into the PB diet and I'm really enjoying it, and one of the things I enjoy the most is my high fat dairy, i.e. heavy cream, butter, and good cheese.
    However, lately I've noticed that I get an itchy upper throat and possibly sinus inflammation when I have my super creamy coffee, I'm not sure about cheese yet though. I really don't want to drop the creamy stuff, but I guess i'll give it a go if I want to feel better. Does anyone else have experience with this itchiness, and do you have any suggestions for switching to non-dairy, such as replacement foods that might make the cross-over easier. Thanks in advance.

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    Lard is the other good fat. Not so good in coffee though....
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      A lot of people who don't do dairy use coconut oil for just about everything- it works in coffee, for cooking, etc.

      It might just be the quality that you are getting, too. Certain brands of milk cause me to get more mucus-y than others, and I can't do conventional bananas or avocados now, because I either get numbness from the antifungals, or itchy mouth from ... whatever it is they put on conventional avocados.

      Try different brands, go organic, or pastured if you can.


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        I got used to coconut milk in my coffee pretty quickly.

        I had big problems with ghee, but switched back to butter and am fine.
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          Thanks jfreaksho, that is a great first step, because I'd love to keep on using real cream. I'll try and get some high quality stuff and avoid the dark place known as wal-mart.


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            Have you tried it in coffee?


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              I have coconut milk in my chai and it's really lovely. I especially like to chill it in the fridge so it separates and thickens, so when I add it to my drink, the whole thing cools off a bit.
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                I'm lactose intolerant so I do try to avoid it completely. However at times when I go to social gathering I have a little bit of cake here and there and I know for a fact it makes me gassy. I also tend to produce more mucus the next day after having it. I actually put lactose free milk in my coffee but no more that 1 cup a day. That's the extent of my dairy consumption. Maybe a slice of lactose free cheese in a day as well.

                It's very possible it's the milk that's making your throat itchy. I can't say I have had this experience. Since i switched to Paleo grain exposure really affects my allergy symptoms.


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                  If you are only 15 days in you might want to give yourself a little more time before you give it up completely -or do some experimentation and see how you react without it. I personally love my heavy cream in my breakfast shake in the mornings. I tried Trader Joe's coconut cream for awhile, but didn't see any difference so I went back to heavy cream. That's my n=1, but we all need to our own and fit to our lifestyle. Good luck on your journey!
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                    Thanks everyone, all great input, I'll apply it as soon as possible. I've already gotten some higher quality cream and I'll give it a go this afternoon.


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                      I'm doing a little dairy experiment... I was really enjoying the heavy cream in coffee.. it was so good that I started drinking coffee again after I'd gone awhile without it, had been drinking green tea instead... I have some frozen raspberries, I realized how delicious berries and cream were, and I'd end up going through a (tiny, but still seriously caloric) carton of heavy cream in under 2 days. It was dangerous for me to have it in the house. Plus, when it came to the decision "coffee or tea?" upon waking up, I would go for coffee 9/10 times if there was cream for it, and 0/10 times if there wasn't.

                      I've been reading "The Mood Cure" by Dr. Julia Ross (I think that's right) and it's about how low serotonin levels make you depressed, and caffeine is anti-serotonin... it's amazing how many here, a place where CW is promptly discarded, still cling to coffee... so acidic, I've read something about it strips calcium from your bones?

                      Anyway... my point is, cream was not good for me. Having it around encouraged me to ingest more caffeine than I otherwise would, plus I was adding like 500 cals of sat fat to my diet everyday... I bought organic cream, which I hope you do too, but even that is probably from corn and grain-fed cows. It definitely left me mucousy. So I ditched the cream.

                      But I also had a Greek yogurt addiction to tend to... I was eating at least 1 cup a day of Stonyfield Organic GY but it was non-fat (all I could find), which I justified by saying, hey, I drink half a carton of cream a day, I'm definitely factoring the dairy fat back in... but I wanted to go further and see if I could really de-mucus-ify myself by going cold turkey on dairy altogether.

                      I went about 9 days completely dairy free, aside from frying broccoli in butter 1 time, but yesterday I caved and got some organic whole milk yogurt (I guess the Greek stuff is history for me, I can't find an organic full fat version, not even at Whole Foods which I have to drive an hr to get to in the first place). Honestly, I think my body was craving the live active cultures. I'm learning that all-or-nothing isn't for me. I'm cutting back my dairy intake, but I can't do 100% dairy-free. I need a sprinkle of cheese here and there and my occasional "sundae" of yogurt, banana, peanut butter, and walnuts...but I don't need to be relying heavily on dairy like I was before. I can't be trusted with cream. I don't like the way I feel when I drink coffee, really strung out and burned out, I feel better drinking a cup of organic green tea with lemon

                      I figured I'd share my story... I guess the moral is, you don't have to cut it entirely, but we could probably all benefit from cutting back on dairy. I don't regard dairy as healthy, but as a necessary indulgence to keep me sane. If the ability to have my yogurt sundae keeps me from eating a whole bar of dark chocolate in one sitting, it has a positive place in my diet no matter if it is carb-y and legume-y and a bit omega-6-ish.
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