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    i can't find a chicken farm sufficiently close for pastured chickens, and i really cannot justify the expense of heritage, free-range birds at my farmer's market. (whose season is over now anyway.) we paid almost $30 for a bird that left 2 of us hungry after we demolished it. so, feh, on that.

    pastured eggs we can get no problem.

    i have access to a large number of various asian markets and get all sorts of oogly bits there for broth. chicken heads, feet and backs. duck heads and tongues. beef feet, shinbone, shank, oxtail, neckbone, tendon, etc.

    as far as produce, most conventional farmers use systemic pesticides too -- not just spray. pick your poison.

    i do buy lots of frozen spinach and artichoke hearts.
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      I get pastured chicken leg/thigh for $4.25 a lb, much less than conventional chicken breast. I buy pork roasts (pastured) at $6 a lb. Ground beef is $5.25 a lb as is ground pork. Have an egg meal or tuna meal one or two nights a week helps too.
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        Oh- the boneless, skinless chicken thighs at TJ's are really good. To be honest, I like them more than pastured chicken.
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          Try marinating chicken breast in herbs/chillies/lemon juice/olive oil over night, or other spices, to cram a little flavour into it. Personally, I go through a lot of lean chicken and pork a week - oh and eggs too, a good source of protein as is turkey breast.


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            I just started, but found out if I check the sell by date on the organic meat and go by the meat section the day before in the morning, often I find it marked 1/2 off. Got some lamb patties, drumsticks and boneless skinless chicken breasts all in the past two weeks.