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Could you quantify your 50-100g carbs a day please?

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    When I did the Leptin Reset last winter I ate the same thing every day. Here is what 50 g carb looked like, mostly at lunch:

    B: 1/4 ground beef in coconut oil, 1/2 cup cooked kale, 3 eggs.
    L: 1.5 cup chicken soup with sparse vegetables (small carrot, celery, turnip); 1/2 cup cooked green beans, 1/4 cup carrots, 1/2 cup berries for dessert.
    S: Bulletproof hot cocoa*, 3 oz canned salmon.

    *hot cocoa made with clarified butter and coconut oil. variant of bulletproof coffee.
    5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


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      I'm working on 1400calories/day. ie 1400C x 15% Carbs = 210, 210 divided by 4 (4calories /gm of carb) = 52gm
      My carb content
      1. 2 eggs = 1gm + 1 cup coleslaw = 15gm TOTAL 16gm
      2. coffee with milk = 3gm, 1/2 cup sweet potato = 29 gm, 4 eggs = 2gm, 1 cup brocolli TOTAL 47.6gm
      3. 2 eggs = 2gm, 1 large carrot = 7gm, 80gm kumara = 14gm, 2 cups brocolli = 26gm, 1/2 cup creram = 3gm TOTAL 51.2gm

      plug into one of the macro counters, plan a couple of days breakdowns, print it off, and there you go.
      "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

      ...small steps....


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        Originally posted by Grumpycakes View Post
        You mean "qualify."
        Beat me to it....

        @twa2 OP has already quantified in his very question. 50-100g is the quantity of carbs he is asking about. He wants to know where you get them...i.e. how do we qualify the carbs or of what type are they.

        But since you ask...basically I eat all veggies to taste ( a few servings worth/day) then maybe one apple OR some berries OR a potato and your usually sitting in the 50-100 range.....
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          Here's a list I've made up of carbs in veg, the amounts are number of grams of carbs per 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of whatever:

          cabbage, bok choy 2
          celery 3
          squash, summer 3
          radishes 3
          mushrooms 3
          chard 4
          cauliflower 4
          asparagus 4
          romaine lettuce 4
          spinach 4
          tomato 4
          zucchini 4
          cucumber 4
          cabbage, pointy 5
          cabbage, green 6
          sweet pepper 6
          broccoli 7
          Brussels sprouts 7
          cabbage, red 7
          peas, snow & snap 7
          eggplant 8
          green beans 8
          onions 8
          avocado 9
          squash, winter 9
          jicama 9
          celeriac 9
          rutabaga 9
          carrots 10
          kale 10
          artichoke 12
          sweet potato, medium 24
          yam 27


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            Today's carbs:
            6oz greek yogurt- 13g
            6oz mushrooms- 6g
            1c spinach- 2g
            1 small granny smith apple- 15g
            4 squares 85% dark chocolate- 8g

            The apple was kind of the extra. Usually there's more veggies involved.


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              there is net carbs too vs total carbs. so that is total carbs minus the fibre i think? i count net carbs.


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                I just tallied mine for today (never counted them up before!) and I apparently eat a lot more carbs than many others do. But then again, I am not really trying to lose weight, just maintain.

                Total for today = 99g
                Banana 31
                2 tbsp coconut flour 8
                Canned pumpkin 9
                1/2 sweet potato 12
                2 eggs 1
                Zucchini 4
                Tomato sauce 9
                Italian sausage 1
                Pecan larabar 24


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                  Thanks every one, very helpful, i feel i must be sitting in the 50-100 band quite easily most days


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                    This has been an interesting thread, while I need around 70 carbs a day with my activity level, I have problems getting over 45-50. This thread has been helpful to give me other ideas that doesn't include fructose. Squash, sweet potatoes, and the occasional banana are my friends and I need to remember that!