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  • Calorie split?

    I've done a little searching but have come up empty. Is there a recommended fat/protein/carb split for effective primal dieting? I was listening to a podcast while driving yesterday and thought I heard 65% fat/25-30ish% protein/5-10% carb. Does this sound accurate? The rationale for lower protein is to prevent the induction of gluconeogenesis ... is this also accurate?

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    It really depends.

    What I do is determine the first goal. If you want to maintain, then you're looking at around 100g carbs per day (more if you are active), which then will become a percentage of your total daily caloric intake.

    Then you decide how much protein you need which is .8-1.5 g/lb lean mass (depends upon how lean/lifty you are), and then you get your percentage of that in your calories per day.

    and the rest is fat.