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Organic Frozen Berries: Yes or No?

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    Originally posted by zoebird View Post
    I'm in NZ. There is no costco here.
    Trade you ;-)
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      I eat frozen berries and other fruit every single day, but I don't honestly worry that much about pesticides in my food when I work inside an industrial-zone office building. My food is SO not on the top of list of sources of industrial poisons.
      Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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        I use frozen raspberries for smoothies with greek yoghurt (sometimes with banana, mmmmm) - if I buy fresh I can't always use them in time, or alternatively run out mid-week so from a practical perspective frozen is better for me. I have yet to find frozen organic raspberries over here......


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          As per my opinion, I think the most important foods to buy clean are animal foods, pastured meat, poultry & eggs, wild-caught fish, raw dairy. For me, if broke, I'd rather buy more eggs and less of everything else than buy crappy animal foods.