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Help with my bones, please

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  • Help with my bones, please

    I posted this on the greetings page but decided I will probably get more assistance here.

    I was always the "heavy" girl in school. 20 years ago I embraced the low fat diet and exercised like mad - Made it to size 12 and very proud that I could shop at a normal store. Weight went up again . Then I discovered martial arts--Loved it! It wasn't exercise it was play! I was strong and flying thru the air but I was happens. Sammo Hung anyone.
    Then I discovered Atkins. I read the research and it made sense. I ate my way to a size 8 and felt wonderful. Enlisted in the Guard and went overseas. BAD IDEA!!!!! Military food was all high carb and no fresh vegies.
    I was embedded with Afghans and then I got injured (left embedded with a leg swollen to twice its size for 8 months) My body was desperate for something to repair itself--To Bad I got processed carbs ( and no daylight or ability to exercise) so my body was canablizing itself while holding onto whatever I put into my mouth.
    Once my tour was over I spent 2 years in Army medical care (due to the complete neglect by my unit) and as of Friday medically retired - thank goodness! When I was finally in control of what I ate my fat melted off me. I had swollen up to 190 and am currently 155. I'm 5'6" but I wear a size 6/small currently.

    However, I have a problems getting exercise. I go to a disabled swim class 3 times a week where I am the youngest- 46 is old to be considered the youngest I am not in a wheel chair, yet, but I am limited to about 30 minutes sitting, 30 minutes walking at anygiven time I have to spend most of my time lying slightly elevated on my back. I LOOK healthy but my bones are rotting inside and I cannot lift heavy things or even do a cardio exercise outside of the pool class (I cannot even swim laps)

    Enough self pity--What I am wondering is if anyone knows of a way of eating which helps to regrow bones - doctors just push pain pills and say wait until something snaps or I get old enough to have replacement joints put in.

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    bone broths should help a fair amount as they have a lot of nutrients.

    without LHT, I'm not entirely sure. But, if you'd like, we can have a skype, talk about what is going on with you, and I might be able to create a quick (10 minute) yoga routine that could help bring in some movement which helps build muscle (as well as flexibility) which can help with bones as well.

    It will be free of charge for a vet, ok? Anyway, yeah. If you want. send me a pm.


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      Your skeleton remodels continuously, resulting in about 10% of your bones being destroyed and rebuilt yearly. In order for your bones to remodel into thicker, stronger bone you have to weight-bear. Your bones will NOT grow harder and stronger if you stay in bed, so you have to challenge yourself with weight-bearing exercise (and yes, that includes walking). A weighted vest would be an option if you cannot handle lifting heavy weights overhead, etc.

      That said, I have a hard time gathering what exactly happened, it'd help if you actually provided a medical diagnosis instead of just saying your bones are "rotting inside."


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        part of the difficulty is based on what she is allowed to do, which apparently is no more than her swimming class at this point. there are some yoga things that can be done in bed (and pilates) which will provide some muscle movement and help out, though.

        walking does wonders, as does swimming, assuming she gets the go-ahead to do these things.


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          My bones look like a geriatrics. the Ortho, after looking at my xrays, took a step back when he walked into the exam room. Saying that he did not expect me to look like I do. All my blood work is fine and in the normal range. The doctors say arthritis because they don't know what is going on with the bones and they had to say something on my paperwork. You don't know joy until you deal with the Army medical. Once they write something there is no more diagnostics or treatment when they decide to med board you. But the civilian doctors that I am free to see now do not agree and don't understand what is going on.
          I am not giving up and do as much as I can when I can. and to be honest you sound a bit self rightous eye of round - Some people cannot walk at times - it's a disablity not a character flaw.

          I try not to stay in bed but physically it is all that my bones can handle at times. My spine is also closing in around my spinal column. It is thickening there and thining everywhere else. It is not giving up it is simply the limit I can handle. I understand about weight bearing and I do attach calf weights (an amazing item) when I do walk around (not ankle wights because they cause me to be unable to move by pulling on the joints).
          Anyhow, I am looking for nutritional recommendations So thank you Zoebird


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            Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium. You can get the minerals from lots of seafood. The K from eating fermented food (including proper cheese). The only one you really need to supplement is D3. Make sure you also get Vitamin A with it as increasing D3 increases your demand for A
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            Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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              I dont think eye of round was being "self righteous" at all. Its just very hard to get a grip of what you are dealing with based on your description. To be frank you would likely have to upload your medical file with radiology reports and all for us to get any real scope as to what your dealing with. Yours is not a usual case from the sounds of it. I really do hope you find some ways to improve your health though, and eating healthy with as much movement as you can bear without injury are definitely positive endeavors. All the best to you!
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                  Broth/stock made from bones (add a bit of vinegar to get the minerals to leech into the stock well), cod liver oil (real stuff with original vitamins A & D3) and butter oil (or pastured butter, especially when it's darkest).

                  Or if you prefer supplements: dolomite, gelatin, real vitamin A (retinyl palmitate, not carotenes), vitamin D3, and K2.

                  Also, have the doctors check your parathyroid levels.


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                    Originally posted by Pezami View Post
                    ... I LOOK healthy but my bones are rotting inside ...
                    See Vitamin D and bone health. There's tons more info on the internet.

                    If it were me, after some serious reading, I'd go for 10,000iu/day of D3 for starters. That's unlikely to be harmful. I know you're not me and YMMV.

                    Whatever you do, here's to your total recovery.


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                      You don't really have to exercise that much to lose weight. Just eating right is most of the effort. For healthy bones, I think you can't go wrong with canned fish that has the bones and skin. It's full of bioavailable calcium plus vitamin D and Omega 3 fish oils to make it a complete package for your own bones. I'd recommend getting the fish packed in water. The canned is good because you can eat the bones. When you get bones in fresh fish you can't eat them.
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