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    Originally posted by otzi View Post
    Yesterday I ate 4 baked potatoes and 2 shredded into hashbrowns, salt and vinegar. Down 1 pound this morning. 13 days to go!

    On it's own, that statement doesn't say anything. But when I used to try the carb re-feeds, I would be up 4 or 5 pounds the first morning. We all called it 'water weight'. So why is eating just potatoes different? I really don't know.

    Same kinda thing with IF'ing. I did a 42 hour fast, once a week, all summer. I'd stop eating at 6pm and not resume until noon two days later. This would leave me down about 7 pounds, which I would regain exactly over the next two days. We called this 'glycogen depletion'.
    So why would you go down after one day of potatoes but up 4-5lbs after one day of a carb refeed?

    If this is as effective as a weekly fast, could you just do a weekly potato fast?
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      Originally posted by Louisa655 View Post
      Question for everyone: What does "CT" stand for?
      CT is cold thermogenesis. It's the theory behind getting cold to ramp up your metabolism. We talked a lot about it last winter. It's Primal Approved, but hard for most people to take!


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        This thread has really intrigued much so that it inspired me to make my very first post!

        I assume that the "fried" potatoes are cooked using no oils, and that my BP Coffee will be out for the duration (not a big deal either way, but just want to make certain)? Are there any spices or seasonings that should be avoided?

        I am strongly considering giving this a try to see if it will help me bust through the 5+ lbs that I keep losing and gaining almost weekly. Since I've been ultra low carb today, any idea on how I may respond if I start this tomorrow?


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          Originally posted by otzi View Post
          I kind of hijacked a thread and wanted to start a new one. This is a trick to bust through a plateau, lose the last 10, or get fat moving when nothing else works.

          I have been dying to unleash this fat-busting trick on you guys, but I have been kind of holding back because it seems so impossible. It works. It works really well if you are a fat-adapted, fat-burning primal animal because you will go straight into burning your own fat and it will fly off.

          This will work best with potatoes, but rice also works. The success of this trick lies in the amino acid content of the lowly potato. A potato has exactly the same essential amino acids as the best grass-fed prime rib or salmon steak. Rice is missing a few amino acids, but not by much. Potatoes and rice, in the absence of added dietary fat and protein, are extremely thermogenic. This means when you eat it, your body will increase it's metabolic rate, and temperature, to process it. Starch, in the absence or fat and protein is also extremely satiating, meaning you won't get hungry. Add butter and you'll be hungry really fast (think chinese food--oily rice).

          Here's what you do to lose 1/2 to 1 pound a day for up to 14 days. Eat potatoes (or rice). The only thing else you can eat is salt (sparingly), vinegar (all you want), hot sauce, ketchup (very sparingly), soy sauce (very sparingly and only fermented), spices--especially cayenne pepper. Raw/cooked onion and bell pepper sparingly.

          Eat according to your hunger and not for a caloric goal. Typically you will feel full on about half your normal daily calories. If you weigh out 25lbs of potatoes, it will take you about 10 days to eat them. That will be approx 12,000 calories total. It will also be about 272g of fat, 187g of protein, and 2200g of carbs.

          Here's how to eat plain potatoes:
          -- Shred two potatoes with a kitchen grater, rinse under hot water, fry in a non-stick pan until brown and crispy, drench with vinegar and salt (my favorite!)

          -- Wrap in tinfoil and bake at 375 degrees for about 90 minutes, unwrap last 20 min for crispier skin. Make a whole bunch for lunches. Eat with just salt or vinegar or whatever spices.

          -- Boil the potatoes for about 25min, mash or chop or let cool and eat whole. Probably my least favorite, but easy.

          -- Chop boiled potatoes into 1/4" cubes and dry fry in non-stick pan until browned--eat with a little ketchup...mmmm mmmm

          -- Slice raw potato paper thin. My grater has one side for shredding, one side for slicing. Fry in non-stick pan. Very good.

          Anyway, once you get past the first couple days you will start looking forward to your next meal especially if you get creative in cooking them. They are very tasty and you will be getting pretty good nutrition throughout. If you take any vitamins, continue. Drink all the water and coffee you want. Just don't eat ANYTHING else.

          You won't see a jump in weight on day 1, you will see a drop in weight. What's going on is you are eating at a huge deficit, but feeling satisfied and your body is happy because it's getting fat and protein, but since your metabolism is ramping up, it needs fuel. It will get this from your muffin-top!

          Please don't flame me or try to tell us this won't work. Instead try it. If it doesn't start working by Day 2, quit--then come here and say it didn't work.
          What the hell...I'm IN!!!! I love potatoes, and it'll make a nice change. I'm sitting AROUND 15-16% body fat, I'm all for trying the odd hack. Will start tomorrow and report back


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            btw, regarding coffee etc, is double cream out or is it inconsequential. I tend to drink 5-6 cups of decaf per day. I might even find some spicy potato recipes and post any good ones here.


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              Are you using oil to fry the hashbrowns in or is your pan really that good and they dont stick?

              Also...does anyone else hear Gollum's voice saying "what's taters...precious?" every time you read the title to this thread?
              It's just another day in paradise
              As you stumble to your bed
              You'd give anything to silence
              Those voices ringing in your head
              You thought you could find happiness
              Just over that green hill
              You thought you would be satisfied
              But you never will-
              Learn to be still
              -The Eagles


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                I'm in.

                I'll let you guys know how this goes.

                Broke my 28 hour fast with 1 lb of potatoes. And I'm pretty darn satisfied! Lets see what the scale looks like tomorrow. It was 151.8 this morning


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                  Originally posted by Periwinkle View Post
                  Also...does anyone else hear Gollum's voice saying "what's taters...precious?" every time you read the title to this thread?
                  I just lol'ed very funny. Also I may have to give this a try myself.
                  Thanks otzi and periwinkle


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                    When I read stuff like this I have to ask, are you not concerned with constant insulin spikes and the effect on your body as you age? Not bashing the weight loss, just askin.


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                      I had my first dinner of mashed potatoes with some warm beef broth to make it really tasty. I ate 13 ounces of mashed potatoes and felt very full and satisfied. 16 ounces = 1 pound.

                      I'm going to make the hash brown taters in the morning and try sprinkling vinegar, as suggested by Otzi......never had vinegar on potatoes before, but sounds interesting.

                      Have a good night, everyone. I'm off to construct my project potato spreadsheet. /Lou
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                      Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

                      Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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                        Otzi this is interesting! I am not gonna lie the first few sentences I thought "No flipping way" but the more I read into the thread, I was like "interesting...could work". I personally can't stand potatoes so I can't experiment but good to know!


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                          Originally posted by otzi
                          I bought a OneTouch just for this. My FBG is about 90, spikes to 140 after eating, then back down to 90. I don't see it as a problem.
                          Yikes! Glucose levels over 140 show to produce nerve damage. Seems like you may be pushing that thresh hold a bit there. Of course how high above 140 you spike is correlated to the amount of nerve damage, so perhaps just going to 140 your still OK.
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                            Originally posted by Louisa655 View Post
                            I had my first dinner of mashed potatoes with some warm beef broth to make it really tasty. I ate 13 grams of mashed potatoes and felt very full and satisfied. 16 grams = 1 pound.
                            13 grams is less than 1 teaspoon.

                            1 pound = 453.59 grams


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                              Will there be the issues of carb hangover after the 10 or so days? Does your body want to store fat after the potatoe days when you add the fat and protein back in?


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                                Interesting, to all that are doing this, you should definitely take pictures to show any results from it.

                                I wouldn't be concerned with losing lean mass if only doing this for 10-14 days, especially if one is engaging in some resistance training.

                                Personally I wouldn't really be able to keep this up, not for lack of will but because I live with my gf and we eat together a lot, she's on board with the primal diet, but it'd be tough to sell this one especially for the duration it requires. If I lived alone I would probably give it a shot for 7 days and see if another week was worth it.

                                Regarding some comments about not being able to do this because of the boring aspect of it or the lack of variety in the diet, read this if you have some time, Stefansson 1 - Eskimos Prove An All Meat Diet Provides Excellent Health. the important part being that all habits can be broken especially if it's an issue of availability. Like Otzi and others have said, once you accept that all you have to eat are potatoes your mind will let go of desiring to eat other foods - even if those are still physically available. If you act as though they're not (and surely this might require a particularly strong will or imagination) you will be at day 14 before you know it. Also recommended is simply not thinking about your diet or food options and instead take the opportunity to free up that space for other thoughts or activities. Your menu is taken care of: potatoes, so instead focus on other stuff, things you want to learn, books you want to read, etc. It's kind of how for those that fast, not having to worry about making breakfast (or whatever) allows for other activities now that the time has been freed up.

                                Pictures! seeing is believing.
                                I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.