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Beating myself with addictions

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  • Beating myself with addictions

    Thank you for your time to read my post.
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    Well, you had success giving up the grains. Next up is the dairy. You may also find attending a support group to be helpful.
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      Ugh, you poor thing. I really here you, I do. I think you're so, so, so tough on yourself. Baby steps, little tiny one day at a time baby steps in to primal everything (not just food, sleep, vitamin D, play et al).

      I have struggled so much with binging and body image issues. I seem ot relapse then get well then relapse and get well, but I've kep on coming back here and I've been primal for 10 months. I've out on some weight (about 3 or 4kg) and I think I'm around 63 kg now at 177cm. Some days I look in the mirror and I see massive fat thighs. Other days I catch my refelction and admire the slim athletic body of a woman before realising it's me.

      I have come to see that there is no quick fix, this is life long changes, and for this PB does seem to work. There's a lot of discussion and previous threads on here for binge eating, body image issues and eating disorders. You're in the right place.

      As with sbhikes, I recommend a support group too. I go to OA and it is confronting but seems to work for me.

      Keep posting, keep chatting, stay here. And Blessings for your journey, of baby steps.


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        For me, I lost a LOT of weight while still eating a CW diet. Low fat, high carb and all. And it STAYED off. It wasn't a fad thing for me. So my weight was not a problem when entering into the primal diet. I was motivated by a number of other factors.

        My libido had tanked, I was suffering from chronic inflammation (and at my young age!), and I was dealing with a complete and constant feeling of mental fog.

        I first experimented with adding fats back into my diet as they are closely linked to healthy hormonal levels and overall libido. I had some mild success with that method, but not as much as I liked. As i was suffering from the CW fear of fats, I hadn't really embraced them as much as i needed to to correct my flagging hormonal levels. I also had continued issues with inflammation.

        I was at an impasse with the libido for the time being, so I decided to tackle the inflammation issue. After doing TONS of research on the subject, this led me to removing grains and limiting omega-6 intake in my diet. I immediately went into this full-on, although I was still eating lots of legumes. I had some good success at first, but my continued research into the subject also suggested that legumes might be part of the problem. I dropped them as well. As my diet got lower and lower in the carb count I realized that I needed a replacement for the loss of so much of my caloric intake. I'd already read about the body's inability to process over a certain amount of protein per day, so this led me logically, to fat as a replacement for the lost carb calories.

        I started reading about Atkins, didn't really like the strictness of it, but then someone on an Atkins message board had a post along the lines of "For those of you who like the concept of Atkins, but don't want things to be quite so strict or limited, I suggest you check out 'The Primal Blueprint.'" That's what led me here.

        Well, here I am, well into my primal journey and let me tell you, I like what I see so far! I'd already achieved a healthy weight, eliminated the grains and legumes from my diet, and was basically about half primal already. I added significant amounts of fat back into my diet after reading the information offered via Mark's blogs and the forum.

        Adding the healthy fats back in really proved to be THE key for me. Removing the grains and legumes helped reduce inflammation quite a bit, but it was only once I added all the saturated and monounsaturated fats back into my diet that it proved to be the kicker that reduced my inflammation to almost zero. I now only suffer from sporadic minor flare-ups which I may for the rest of my life because the damage may be somewhat permanent.

        As for the libido issues, all those fats I was missing were the key there. Add them back in, and man, for a while I felt like I was 18 again! It's not quite like that anymore (I think since my body has somewhat adjusted to the higher fat intake by now), but I have a definitely increased desire and drive that cannot even remotely compare to the ruined drive I had before.

        Finally, regarding my mental fog issues, they largely disappeared on this diet. Again, I'll assume that a combination of correcting my other issues probably had the direct result of clearing the mental fog I was suffering from. I tend to cycle in and out of ketosis, for a variety of health-related reasons, but my mental abilities seem to be at their highest when I hit that ketogenic state.

        That's my story and I hope it inspires you to plod on down the primal path with determination, until you reach your goals like I did!
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          Try Whole 30. I did it and found that it really got me eating to feed my body, not my mind. It eliminated the kinds of food you tend to overeat. You can't have dairy, added sugar (fruit is ok, though some people don't have that), grains, soy etc. processed foods.

          I had sugar issues and it was good. A lot of times I was like "I want SOMETHING" and thought about what I could have, and was forced to deal with the real issue which 9 times out of 10 was not a hungry body. Plus the focus is eating right, so you can enjoy as much good foods as you want which keeps the belly full.

          Now I understand why certain foods make me eat them. Why 1 square of chocolate becomes a whole bar after a big dinner. I also know, I can eat the chocolate, it's there if I really want it. But I know I lived just fine for 30 days without it.

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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            I also recommend you to visit a support group like OA, have worked wonders for many of my friends who had problem with binge/over eating.
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