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    I finally showed the video clip of William Davis MD, the Author of "Wheat Belly" that was posted in this forum. She is still skeptical, though the fact that CBS aired a clip of a Dr. talking about the benefits of eliminating wheat from our diet did help. The best I got her to agree to is adding some other grains (barley) to our son's diet...sigh.

    I think that as I lose weight and regain vital health I will be able to speak with more confidence and credibility. She thinks it's a fad and until "trusted authorities" get behind it, she'll remain skeptical.
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      You can't spend your life worrying about what people will or won't do. Tell them how it works, point them in the right direction, dare them to try it for 21 days. If they do great, if not it is their loss.


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        It sounds to me like you are right on track. Just be that example for her. I try to give people several references so that it's not just one website giving them information. It's harder to dismiss as a fraud that way. I know it's frustrating. My mother will just flat out say that my way of eating is too much of a pain. I told her I would come and cook for her. Her response "You know your father isn't going to eat like that." father's health is so bad he can't even stay by himself anymore. Don't give up with her.
        You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

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          Rule #1 of don't talk about Primal.....sigh. You tried to do something really good for someone (virtual stranger). Something that could have impacted their entire life for the better and they reacted like that. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't force it to drink. Their [huge] loss.

          Personally, I'm all about talking about Primal and trying to convert only people that are very close to me. Anyone else's health and diet, I honestly I could care less about.


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            For whatever reason, when you are grain and sugar addict, it's near impossible to accept that those two things are why you are fat. I bet that woman eats next to no fat, gave up yummy meat, full fat dairy. It's like you just won't admit it and for me, it was full on fear of life without my bread and sweets. It has nothing to do with "well, not eating grains will make me sick", nothing to do with "the establishment says eat whole grains" and everything to do of a fear of life without cupcakes. Think about it- she probably blindly eats WW chemical foods.

            Honestly, it's an addiction like anything else. Once you get past it, you don't want it. I just did Whole 30- no sugar, no grains, no dairy. I missed bacon (cured with sugar). My "reward"breakfast was primal pancakes and bacon. I missed bacon and was sick of eggs for breakfast, but at no point did I want pizza, cupcakes etc. Once you get off the wheat, you don't want it, but you don't believe it until you get off of it.

            So.... basically, you are like an alcohol addict, only everyone tells you "grains are healthy". So you have NO CLUE that you are eating a food that makes you into a glutton. It makes me very sad and angry that for the last 37 years I had to have a fat body because I ate something that basically made me gorge myself cyclically..... and that the actual solution was about 2 weeks of cravings and some limited discomfort.

            I see it all the damn time. Even skinny people- work with a woman who has horrible pain and digestive issues. Eats clean as a whistle and won't give up grains, because while she buys into organic, grass fed, whole foods,she won't even give giving up grains a shot.

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              Drumroll, don't worry about it. I participated in a forum for a while and everybody there went on paleo and they were all boasting about all the beef tallow and cracklin's they were eating and I was just so grossed out by the thought of it. I thought they were all nuts trading low calorie things like oats or normal foods for big bowls of blubber. Eventually I ended up doing everything they all do. I had finally run out of options and was willing to try it.

              Don't knock weight watchers. It actually works. My co-worker has lost more weight in fewer weeks on weight watchers than I did on paleo. It helps she's about a foot taller and much fatter, but still, it works and she's happy. It's been so long since I've been fat now that nobody remembers what I looked like, so I'm not going to be much of a visual proof of this way of life. When people ask me about my diet I just explain it in terms of my own health problems being fixed and leave it at that.
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                Originally posted by palebluedots View Post
                To be fair, there are a lot of people out there spewing bullshit, and when you're steeped in CW, it's easy to block out what certain people say. But no worries, she may hear this again from someone else at some point, and maybe next time she'll think it's not such bullshit. And maybe someday she'll be open to it, and you'll be the person who planted that seed.
                Also, never forget confirmation bias. It is very powerful. You´re more likely to agree even more strongly with something you read if you already agree with the topic, and vice versa.
                Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

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                  i told my mum who is totally not primal about what im doing - im cutting grains and dairy. i still have a little bit of full fat greek yoghurt and very small amounts of cheese - probably less than a serving every few days. i even stopped drinking my beloved coffee because i just cannot bring myself to drink it without cream and sugar. well she rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything. i didn't bring up a lot of it and didn't delve into the science of it either. well anyways my skin was super clear and beautiful all week, and then night before last i cheated and had a steak lot burger...with cheese...and a blended iced coffee. now yesterday and today my eczema on my forehead and crevices of my nose is flared up again, and lots of blackhead/aczema/acne type deal back in my usual spot on my lower right cheek/jaw area. mum saw this and told me im not allowed to eat wheat and dairy anymore O_o!!! i guess some people need that visual proof.
                  hm it kinda sounds like on this post i live with my mum, but actually i work with her at a day spa so its pretty important for me to have good lookin' skin!