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    Originally posted by noodletoy View Post
    magnesium, magnesium, magnesium.

    prior to giving them up, i ate buckets of grains and legumes, so had giant bm's all the time. when i eliminated them, i went from low-fat to high-fat at the same time, so frankly everything was a bit too loose down there for awhile. ack.

    once my body got adjusted i was having serious constipation issues. one vacation i thought i would die because i was so backed up. i started taking magnesium daily and have never had a problem since.

    agree though, with others about healing your gut. DO NOT!!!! DO NOT!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!! add more fiber in any form. do not take any kind of fiber powder. stay away from raw and cruciferous veg. start having bone broth, even 2x per day. work with fermented foods like kimchee and sauerkraut. have good yogurt if you tolerate dairy.

    be patient. this will take awhile.


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      Now here's the weird thing: I eat tons of cruciferous vegetables. First because I adore broccoli and cauliflower, and second, because, along with magnesium, they help keep me regular and gut-stuffed-up-pain free.

      Fiber things? I've entirely lost my appetite for such things. I never would have believed that would be possible, but it's true. The very thought of anything "bran" makes me wince and long for a hot plate of spinach. Which plate of spinach, I confess, I still like to drizzle with the condiment sesame oil. NOT the cooking oil; the condiment. Two different things. And I figure once a week using less than a teaspoon won't hurt me. It's so incredibly yummy on spinach.

      Oh, and add as much as you want of sauteed fresh chopped garlic. To die for.


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        Thanks, thanks, thanks.

        Thanks so much for the post, BestBetter. I've been using a magnesium supplement now for about a 6 weeks, I think. It took a while to get the right amount. One 50 mg pill in the morning; another at night seems to be doing the trick. Although, every couple of weeks my body goes haywire and the 50/50 dosing doesn't work right. But, no complaints, really, since I'm far, far better off now, rarely feel stuffed up with cement the way I often have virtually all of my life--since I was 4 years old, that's as far back as I can remember. Some 13 years back, I went high fiber [okay, Mark wasn't around then] and it worked for about 3 months. Then, even with super high fiber, I was back to cement gut--and I was gaining weight quite quickly.

        So, I'm sold on Magnesium. Since I have yet to find the types of Magnesium recommended in the forum,. I will definitely be checking out the link you posted.

        Thanks again.


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          I've been doing that lately. And I'm so hooked on my salads, all my friends are calling me "Rabbit." If they ask why I'm eating so much salad, I give them the short answer. If they're still interested, I go into detail. But most folks just don't want to know. Oh, well. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

          Thanks for the post.


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            I've noticed in the last couple of months that I can eat all kinds of fats [okay, the good ones, including more bacon than I would ever have thought possible without turning into a blimp] and by eating all those fats, EVERYTHING runs smoother. And I've completely lost my craving for pasta and potato chips. And trust me when I say I used to be the potato chip queen. Not to mention being the pasta with tons of cheese queen for comfort food. Now? I'd rather eat a salad. I still can't believe that's true, but it is.

            Oh, and few fresh walnut halves keep me happy, happy, happy.


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              Magnesium caused me to feel sluggish, and I had to take a huge amou t. More fiber didn't help, drinking water didn't help, eating more fat didn't help (indeed I eat 70% fat). This works for me: Dr. Schulze's - Dr Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 90 vcaps:Amazon:Health & Personal Care . BUT, jst take like 1/4 a pill to start with. I dump it in some water and drink it that way. It's bitter but no biggie. I wouldn't up the dose until 3 days go by without it working. When my IBS was worse, it would cause problems (like my entire digestive system would empty painfully 2-3 days after I took it). But that was caused, apparently, by xylitol. Without the xylitol (which I used in small amounts and had for may months) they work great for me. For some reason xylitol would both delay and greatly multiply the effect of any laxitive, even just magnesium.

              Cheaper source but you have to join an association (disclaimer, this one is my moms business )
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                I don't know if this would work well for your IBS (don't know anything about IBS), but I eat chia seeds to get sufficient fiber--keeps me regular, heh. I find that the best way to consume chia seeds is to add 2 Tbsp to about half a liter of water and shake it(I put it in a bottle). Let it sit until it acquires a slightly gelatinous consistency (kind of like tapioca) and then drink it. Some people find this to be disgusting, but I kind of like it.

                You can also consume the chia seeds mixed in yogurt. Just make sure you drink enough water with it.

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                  Originally posted by Squirrelly View Post
                  Guys, I'm brand new to this forum, and am having a lot of trouble navigating. [Hey, at 67 years old I can claim "old age" as the problem? Maybe? LOL]

                  I apologize for interrupting this blog, but I can't figure out where to go to ask my question, so I'm putting it here.

                  As a life-long sufferer of IBS [iritable bowel syndrome] I desperately need to add tons more fiber [soluble and insoluble] to my 80% Primal diet or I'm going to "die" of what I call "cement in the gut." I know Oat Bran is the single best source of fiber, but I'm having trouble finding a really healthy source of Oat Bran without adding so many calories to my diet that it would constitute a 4th meal, which, trust me, I can't accommodate on any level without putting back on the 8 pounds I've lost in the last 2 months.

                  I found a few supplements in bottles online tonight, but none of them--despite some having very high prices--offer more than 5 or 6 grams of fiber in a single dose. This is totally not acceptable. I'm looking for something that adds 13 or 14 or 15 grams of fiber per dose. Less than that won't make a "dent in my cement."

                  I eat "tons" of dark green salad greens every day, and cruciferous veggies [I adore broccoli], but it's just not enough to keep the old bowels regular, or even semi-regular.

                  I'm more at less at my wits end in trying to figure out how solve this constipation problem, and I would be extremely grateful for any help/advice anyone has to offer. Please keep in mind that I'm only moderately active, by necessity; I walk at a regular to brisk pace for close to an hour every day, do my own version of aerobic dancing twice a week [good old Creedence Clearwater Revival's Greatest Hits help with that enormously], and--or BUT! I have to be very careful how and when I dance aerobically because of a chronically weak lower back and bad knees, both of which can act up at the drop of a hat. As we speak, I'm nursing the remains of muscle pulls and spinal snafus that resulted from too much vigorous dancing to "Bad Moon Rising." My brilliant/generous/amazingly affordable chiropractor has set the recovery in motion, but I must be very careful for the next week or two.

                  In the meantime, and even after I recover, since I can't do sprints--maybe one or two every 3 months or so--and I can't run or jog--none of the physical activity that tends to get the bowels moving--I really, really, really need some help with getting a ton more fiber incorporated into my diet without adding calories or too many unhealthy carbs.

                  Please, anyone, any suggestions?

                  Thanks so much for listening--and for any responses.

                  Hi Squirrelly and welcome to PB.

                  With all the confusion here, I think you're panicking. There's no need to. You're at the right place. I started 2.5 months ago at the age of 75 with far worse problems. 3 months ago I was sure I was going to die soon. I'm allergic to all Statins, and Zetia was literally eating and disolving my muscles away.

                  180 deg turn means STOP with the fiber. STOP taking the doctor's advice (for now). STOP the fiber. Listen again more slowly, to the film. Fiber will tear up your intestines and colon. (I'm being far too extreme here but . . )

                  First read Mark Sisson's book "Primal Blueprint". Konsyl is working for you not because it is a fiber, but because it is a laxative.

                  Second you have to heal your digestive system, before it can work correctly.

                  Here were my problems and the length of time to cure on PB:
                  First the tendency or desire to vomit was gone in 2 days. (GERD)
                  Second the heavy gastric production of mucus which caused drooling in sleep was gone in 1 week
                  Third the IBS gas and water bloating was gone in 2 weeks.
                  At 3 weeks I began taking Milk of Magnesia (laxative without fiber) every other day instead of every day.
                  4 weeks and the ability to control urine outflow returned (I'd been afraid I'd have to wear diapers.)
                  After 5 weeks my completely dead bowel began working again. Peristalis returned.
                  At 6 weeks I began taking Vits. D3 and C and Magnesium Citrate (800 mg) mainly to prevent hair loss.
                  At 7 weeks I bought Mark's Damage Control Package. I'd already been taking prebiotics and probiotics, etc.

                  But hewn granite have nothing on the consistancy of my stools.
                  First I tried 6 prunes,6 apricots, and a glass of prune juice daily with chocolate. No effect.
                  I tried other laxatives and a stool softener - don't do that. My now-PB digestive system responded as to poison.

                  Now, at 2.5 months, I take Milk of Magnesia (MM) every 2 or 3 days. Usually on the second day the stool is soft. I take the MM only when it is hard. Otherwise I feel well. NO IBS, gas, bloating or drool, no excess mucus.

                  Obviously the cure is going to take time. But it works. I have a lot more energy, and much stronger (compared to 0 this is easy), and sleep well. This is a program where you teach yourself by learning to respond to your own body. It will tell you 'loud and clear' if you only learn how to listen.

                  I've had colon polyps removed and told they were pre-cancerous. But there's no reason to keep following doctor's advice and wait for the cancer to come.

                  There's an awful lot to learn here, and I'm only a beginner. Go to Mark's main page and click on the red button "Start Here".
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