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Need advice - losing too much weight

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    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Despite that Vit D being within 'normal' (30-75) it's to the low end and getting it up may indeed be helpful... most people shoot for about 60-65.
    I've been supplementing with D3 for a couple months now (inconsistently tho). It's only 1000 IUs as that was the doctor's recommendation. after reviewing the bloodwork he did not see a reason to recommend higher dose for my low/normal level. This is where I get frustrated with doctors.. Especially this one because he was recommended by a friend of a friend as a 'good one' and I had to wait six months to get an appointment with him. Basically I don't understand how doctors can be so number centric. If someone is chronically fatigued and other tests don't explain why, and their vitamin D is at the low end of the normal range, is it THAT inconceivable that may be the normal range is not the same for everyone? that may be I would function better at a higher level of vitamin D? I guess that line of thinking is just too much to ask for from MDs these days...

    And they wonder why so many of us turn to online help and advice for medical problems..

    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Getting some sub-lingual B-12 might help with your fatigue until you get back on track.
    my B12 was in the middle/high range of normal, so I must be getting good amount from my food. Over the years in the past I've tried various B12 supplements ( including sublingual) but never did anything for me.

    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Being short on Vitamin C can cause it... maybe supplement to see if that helps?
    ha, Dr. recommended that one too but not based on any lab numbers, just as a shot in the dark. I kind of ignored it as vitamin C seems ridiculous to be low on. its constantly added to foods and they never test my levels when I get blood work done.. so why supplement? maybe I missed a memo

    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Also... that Celiac's you suspect can cause low ferritin too. (This is where my money would go if I were betting...)
    If it is celiac, I wonder if ferritin lvl will go up if I keep avoiding gluten.

    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Ferritin is the body's iron storage device, a protein, so you aren't making enough of that... thus are probably not storing iron. That would be a good reason for all of the free floating iron in your system if you are eating a good deal of iron rich foods. Your body simply doesn't have storage space to put it until it can be utilized or disposed of.
    iron kind of confuses me. correct me if any of my interpretations are wrong.
    my understanding is:
    Iron is what's in your bloodstream (so if mine is high, I'm eating a lot of iron rich foods and my body knows it?)
    Ferritin is stored iron that your body takes from your bloodstream and makes usable. This is what your body uses for energy
    TIBC measures the blood's capacity to bind iron with transferrin.. but I stole that definition from the internet, I don't really understand what it means

    I have high Iron, high TIBC, and normal/low ferritin. I googled around and couldn't find exactly what this combination means. Can digestion affect my body's ability to turn the Iron into ferritin?

    I was also concerned about hemochromatosis, as it is in my extended family. I was tested a few years ago, and it turns out I have the gene, but they said I don't have the condition. Is this something that I can still develop? from what I've seen online, I need both high ferritin and iron to meet the criteria. Dr. was not concerned (surprise) and said we will keep an eye on it. is the first time I've had iron labs be outside of the normal range.. So I'm not exactly thrilled with his lack of concern or explanations.

    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Gut healing time. Bone broths... zero grains.
    agreed! I even have some bone broth I made right now in the fridge. but I've never really got anywhere before with 'gut healing' as simply avoiding grains and following paleo/primal didn't seem to be the magic trick for me. maybe Jendoe's suggestion of the FODMAPS diet will help. I think I need a 'how to heal your gut without losing more weight or going crazy from even more food restrictions' guide. if you know of any point me in their direction

    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    And you need to keep consuming iron believe it or not... if not you never fill the stores you're creating. Don't and go crazy and over do the iron too much, but don't be afraid to keep eating it either. Because you are not storing any for your body to use when you are not eating, you are totally reliant on the free iron in your blood right now.
    And good protein too... building blocks.
    okay I was definitely wondering about that. I will keep eating iron rich foods... but I assume supplementation is out? I'm totally confused on how to get my ferritin up without making my iron go even higher.

    thanks for the help!


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      Devotchka, I so wish I HAD this problem !!!!! With all that Diahorreah, you might be losing too many nutrients. Get some goodies back in - potassium, magnesium, zinc, vit D, omega 3, maybe some B's ???? if your body doesn't need it - it will urinate the excess, I think.
      Add some good oils, cream, butter, coconut cream into your food, but don't expect too much too soon. Just like it takes ages to take weight off, it must also apply to putting it on.
      Good luck
      "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

      ...small steps....


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        My friend has the same problem, similar make up but older than you. If she doesn't eat paleo pancakes (1 cup almonds, 6 eggs) for breakfast smothered in maple syrup she loses.

        I think you need to add some carbs that are not gluten. Try adding in fruits and nuts at the very least. Add some healthy fats and carbs and see if it helps. I wish I had a fraction of your problem, hahaha.


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