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Questions about my diet plan.

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  • Questions about my diet plan.

    Hello guys, I'm new to the primal lifestyle and I'm trying to switch over 100% to a primal diet. I've been trying to break out my addiction to pastries and grains, and sadly cold turkey seems to be the only way to break free.

    I've constructed this food plan that I'm going to stick to on a daily basis, and was wondering what people think of this and if anyone could point out any major nutritional deficiencies in this plan, I would most appreciate it. I am on a tight budget and so I try to balance my finances with my need to eat 100% primal. I also hate cooking, and so I'm sticking to a consistent daily food plan so it becomes routine. I know that goes against the primal philosophy, but cooking is a major mental block for me, and variety will more likely disrupt my attempt at getting used to cooking. I want this to be as automatic as possible.

    Anyway, here is my daily food plan:

    Breakfast: 3 organic eggs scrambled + a cup mix of organic green beans, broccoli, and mushrooms.

    Lunch: Organic romaine lettuce and baby carrots.

    Dinner: 1/2 a pound of grass-fed beef with sea salt (real sea salt) and a cup mix of organic green beans, broccoli, and mushrooms.

    As an aside, I know fruits are missing, but I find organic fruit to be a LOT more expensive than organic vegetables in Iowa, and Mark classifies them as a moderation food anyway. Perhaps I can try to get frozen organic berries.

    And yes, I do try to go to a farmer's market, but one thing that I've learned is that farmers markets are a mixed bag. I'm lucky to have found a farmer who sells 100% grass fed beef, but there are other farmers here who don't get it, and think it's hunky dory to have animals live off corn, grain and other crap. Not to mention, winter is coming, and I have no choice but to buy organic produce from the store.

    Once again, any feedback will be appreciated.
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    That's going to get old quickly if you are anything like me.

    You need either a better lunch or skip it. I don't buy organic veggies. I do buy the best meat I can afford. Part of breaking your addiction to crap is looking at your meal and saying "fuck pizza, this is 1000x better". So while it seems like a good idea to eat the same austere meals every day, changing things up helps. Green beans and chicken..... no.... but green beans cooked with spices in coconut milk and grilled chicken, yes.

    I highly recommend the book Well Fed and her section on "cook ups" for you. It's like a bazillion paleo ways to make basic meat and veggies very yummy with spices and no fancy methods. She also has more exciting recipes. Her book= why I did Whole 30 without shooting myself.
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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      If you hate cooking and are on a tight-ish budget, I'd recommend including small, wild-caught fishes as an alternative protein source (for lunch/dinner, for example). Canned sardines and salmon are inexpensive, and rich in crucial Omega-3's.
      Frozen berries are a good idea, as you'd mentioned; remember you can also get frozen veggies to throw in with that breakfast scramble of yours.
      To be honest, your planned lunch sounds awfully meager, and could benefit from half an avocado, some more mushrooms or something of the sort.
      Also- don't know where you are on starches etc, but root vegetables would be a wonderful addition to any meal. You can prepare a bunch beforehand, throw them in with your scrambles or your salad. They have a lot of crucial nutrients that your current assortment of (mostly green) veggies is unfortunately lacking. Mark's done a good post or two on the different phytonutrients present in various colors of vegetable, and it might be a good idea to try and include as wide a variety as possible.
      Also- don't forget about cabbage! Super cheap, comes in two colors, and can be eaten raw or cooked.


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        I have to wonder why you are bothering with that meager lunch time food at all. =P I personally do not eat lunch. I eat a hearty breakfast and a hearty dinner and fast the rest of the time. Saves me time and money! Hah.

        Breakfast looks good but I'd add some meat to it. High Quality bacon or pork belly sliced thin, organic chicken sausages, loose pork sausage with herbs, chicken, whatever your meat of choice is (I personally find chicken + eggs to be freaksome and gross)

        Dinner sounds good too but how many days in a row are you planning to eat this? I usually try to eat 2 different meals in a week (3 days one thing, 3 days another, 7th day might be primal friendly take out or breakfast for dinner etc).