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    Good afternoon. I recently added high quality oats (or so I think) to my breakfast because I am doing endurance training for triathlons and cycling events. I am worried about the possible cross-contamination with wheat and barley and I'm curious to find out if anybody has tried a Quinoa product that resembles oatmeal, if so please let me know if you liked it and if you recommend it.


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    Hi there!
    Whole Foods and online bulk health-food sites sell Quinoa Flakes, which I've tried and enjoyed. They're sold by the pound on, running something around $5-6/lb. I don't buy them, personally, since the cost seems a bit steep and I have felt no need to eat anything cereal-like, but the product does exist!
    You can also just cook regular quinoa, then add milk/cream/coconut milk and cook some more to make a quinoa porridge. Pound for pound, whole quinoa is cheaper than the crushed/rolled flakes.


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      Great suggestion, thank you! What I like about that Irish oatmeal is that I can make it in the microwave. I guess I can cook several cups of quinoa in advance and just reheat as I need to. Thanks again!


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        I used to cook whole quinoa up in batches, then portion it in containers and put the week's worth in the fridge. It's nice with cinnamon and milk.
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