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Newbie: Worried Not Eating Enough

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  • Newbie: Worried Not Eating Enough

    Just began this last week. For the most part, I've eaten primal off an on for quite a while, but now am dedicating myself to the lifestyle. That said, I know I'm not eating enough…but I'm not that hungry (& I have fasted b'fast twice this week). I'm worried, though, b/c I had some metabolic issues earlier this year due to not eating enough calories. Right now, I'm averaging around 1100 BEFORE exercise. (I'm 36, 5'3" and 125 lbs.) I am trying to lose some fat & about 3-5 lbs so I've been under 60 g carbs every day. Normal day: eggs (cooked in butter) & bacon for b'fast, salad/veggies w/ meat & homemade dressing for lunch, almonds and apple for snack, & meat w/ veggies for dinner. I also have full fat plain yogurt w/ some nuts & fruit at night if I feel hungry.

    Suggestions? Do I need to add fat? Will that help me add calories. I really think I should consume around 1400 a day but just can't seem to get there regularly. Can I get the same kind of metabolic issues eating primal? Thanks for any wisdom.

    Have an awesome day!!!

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    Well dude, I couldn't get the exact idea about it but I suggest you to be nature native. I mean,
    don't rely on artificially manufactured stuff.
    I came to know about benefits of onion in this condition. Try it!


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      ^ WTF???

      Enjoy it while it lasts. Your body will eat its own fat reserves to make up the difference. You'll lose weight. It will wear off and you'll be hungry again soon enough, don't worry.
      Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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        Check out my thread might help...

        I have the reverse problem, I am HUNGRY Monster!