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How has your primal diet evolved over time?

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  • How has your primal diet evolved over time?

    I've been doing this for a year. My diet has evolved and changed, ebbed and flowed over time.

    At first my diet was high fat, low carb. I ate lots of creamy dairy things and fatty meats and tried to add fat to everything. It worked for weight loss and hunger control, but eventually I got tired of so much fat.

    After that, I went to a diet of more whatever fat came in the meat plus starchy things like sweet potatoes, celery root, African yams. I call this the "potato months". I didn't lose much weight during this time. I started getting sleepy at lunch. I got tired of all the starch.

    Lately it's big ass salads for breakfast and meat and veggies for dinner. It's been warm lately so maybe getting my carbs from fruity veggies like tomatoes instead of potatoes is better. Maybe cold fats like olive oil and avocado and eating raw, cold foods is more appealing when it's hot. I eat a little real fruit now and then, mostly fresh figs and sapotes. I'll probably get tired of it eventually and move to something else.

    Through it all I've experimented more and more with crazy off-cuts of meat.

    Has your primal diet evolved over time? Is it seasonal? Is it based on goals?
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    I started off very strict on myself. Pretty much fish, broccoli, carrot sticks, and fruit (mostly blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. I was finding it hard to feel full so I started eating ribeyes, pork tenderloin, and added dairy back in. I have cut back a lot on dairy and have been experimenting a lot more with recipes. I make primal pizza crust, spaghetti sauce (I eat it with spaghetti squash or just on its own), eggplant lasagna, chillis, stews, etc... I am into apples and almond butter right now a lot. Oh, and eggs have been a constant. I go through phases with foods. I honestly have not been very hungry at all lately and have been having trouble finding things that sound good. I made some Cajun chicken wings tonight and they were awesome though!


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      Well, I started with the paleo books, Loren Cordain and Robb Wolfe. I owe them a debt, but I like Mark's take on this better. At first I was going strict paleo, no grains, no sugar, no legumes and no dairy. I've reincorporated dairy, although mostly heavy cream, cheese and a bit of yogurt. Right now I'm eating turnips, parsnips and squashes... 'tis the season... but I don't think that's helping me loose weight. I try really hard to get my fish! We'll just have to see how it goes.
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        I eat way more yogurt, it's my only significant protein source now days. Either goats yogurt, greek or homemade. I eat much less meat and way more sweet potatoes with spices and homemade spicy sauces. I still eat lots of fibrous vegetables so that hasn't changed, but I also eat more citrus fruits. If I ever feel like morning breakfast, which isn't very often, I have rice porridge with fruit and yogurt.
        I started with meats, fruits and vegetables and 3 cooked meat & veg type meals a day, there's no way I could go back to cooking 3 meals a day, especially in the morning. I probably eat less protein and I rarely eat salads anymore because the produce doesn't stay as fresh if I only eat it once of twice a week.
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          Funny you ask. I just realized today how/what I think I need to change. Well I have been thinking about it for awhile, but I think I was able to clearly see when I was reading Perfect Health Diet for weight loss. Something clicked even though I have read the information before, several times even.

          Since Primal in mid-March, I have been high fat, low to VLC, moderate protein and sucky slow but steady weight loss. So yes, that is a good thing. It has shown me that when I move into maintenance, this is the perfect way of life for me. It is really just getting back to the way I was raised when we were all lean already.

          But to get lean, well to lose the fat anyways, I have to make some changes. I need to cut all the extra excess fat that I have added in, and go more like you said, with just the fats from the meats. I had more carbs, low fat, and mod. protein when I was losing 8-10lb a month and I am going to experiment and see if this is what it will take to get back to that again. I think I will see that my carbs are still in the curve for losing weight, and now I know what good fats are but I just need to limit & get strict with the fat. Even eat more protein during this part of the phase.

          I have learned what true hunger is, I have learned how to fast, I have learned what foods keep me full for longer, so I need to apply these principles to my new plan for October and see where it takes me.
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            my primal eating is pretty much the only thing that changes (sleep, exercise, etc. stay remarkably constant), and usually with the seasons. i was super strict when i first started, mostly because i used to weight well over 300 and was afraid of getting back to that point. as time goes on, i tend to get more and more relaxed with things. i am much less carb-phobic, particularly in regard to sugar. i also have a lot less guilt about eating SAD foods once in a while.
            and lately i've made a bit of a switch too. i'm eating a lot less meat than i used to. i love it, but realized i was overdoing it on the protein. so, my plates are loaded with veggies and just a little meat. i'm hoping to take that change and move more toward better quality meats and produce...but that's more of a financial issue.


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              Started 100% paleo with little fruit and as low carb as possible
              Then added dairy
              Then added (sweet) potatoes
              Then added more fruit
              Then added dark chocolate
              Then added more fruit
              Then added honey
              Then added more fruit
              Then cut out the honey and cut down the chocolate

              I want to eat ice cream but i don't like my own made whatever I try and now haagen dazs replaced their coconut fat in theri ice cream with veg oil
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              well then


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                Whole 30 really changed me. I am now off the chocolate and dairy and not really wanting it anymore. I am eating more fruit and using more fat to prepare foods (at least it seems like it). I don't track carbs.

                I'd say I have gone to a more whole foods way of eating that incorporates more natural sweets- so for example, breakfast when I started was bacon and eggs, now it might be an apple with some almond butter. I think overall the sugar is lower though.

                I'm starting to prefer leaner meats and doing more to make them taste good- spice rubs etc. Using more coconut products.

                My SAD cheats are happily not frequent- I find I just don't like those foods anymore. I'm day 29 of Whole 30 and if someone gave me the choice of a magical slice of pizza and a cupcake that had no ill side effects OR a plate of london broil, butternut squash and brocolli with a dessert of dates, I'd take the london broil.

                Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                  I'd take the london broil, too!
                  Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                    For me it has not changed much, my primal eating has more to do with what is on hand than any choice to add this or that. I still primarily focus on meat and two veg with my meals, BAS for lunch etc.
                    I have just bought 100lb of grass fed, hormone free beef so that is going to be a big plus!
                    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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                      Wow My Diet has definitely evolved! I had always been too afraid to go 100% paleo and so I had difficulty especially with the artificial sugars. I took the 80/20 to another dimension. I did nto see that much progress apart from 5lbs that kept coming and going. I then started eating mostly paleo but turned to lots of fruits to get my sugar fix specially mangoes and bananas. I felt better but still did not see a massive shift in weight. I then went low carb paleo and adhere to eat 90 percent of the time. My stomach is as flat as an iron on most days and my thighs do not jiggle anymore as well as i can fit into most of my early twenties clothes (I am in my mid twenties now). I have stopped weighing myself so not sure how much overall I have lost. All in good


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                        i started off VLC, and did a few whole 30's too. then i brought dairy back into the game, but stayed VLC for the first eight or nine months. i was a keto-adapted inuit-like beast. until that utterly stopped working and yeilded some not so fun side effects.

                        then i just decided i wanted fruit back in my life. slowly at first, one piece a day. made me feel calmer and a helluva lot better. then, i discovered paul jaminet's website, and his book perfect health diet. for a while after that, i got a bit obsessed with counting everything, to hit my 100 grams of glucose per day, and keep all my macros perfectly consistent. it's kinda fun for a bit, but completely dominates your life, especially if you're slightly OCD like me.

                        then i got over me fear of fructose, and my need to hit some magical macro count. now i count nothing, eat some fruit and starch on most days, but definitely have higher fat days and higher carb days as my appetite guides me. some days i eat only fruit for carbs. other days, only starch. but most days, i mix it up. and i'm happy!


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                          i started off ditching gluten and worked out that gluten free grains were pretty dodge too. sugar goes without saying. then i found primal. i have been thru phases of cheating an eating too much GF cake and cookies as i do have kids. what i have found is over the years my tastes have changed. i dont eat liver coz i think i should, i actually like it. i can eat funky seafoods too now and i enjoy them. i think i have discovered a whole spectrum of savoury tastes which is so much deeper and better than just sweet and chocolate. i also eat more seasonally as it just works out that way and often different veges and meats are seasonal too.


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                            My initial journey started on the tail end of the pink slime debacle. I started to read. I mean really read. Every morning with my coffee, I'd set up my computer and just read. Sometimes, except for bathroom breaks, I wouldn't look up 'til almost noon. To say I was appalled at the shit going on in the agribusiness industry would be an epic understatement.

                            At one point it almost seemed like I wouldn't be able to eat anything healthy unless I switched to vegan and organic. But I knew in my heart that not only would I never be able to never eat flesh again, but it would be difficult to get all the nutrients I needed - especially once I read about soy.

                            Eventually I found PB, and it spoke to what I was looking for. It was sane. It was logical. Nothing about it seemed goofy, stupid, or unsustainable.

                            Even before primal, I had thought I'd done a good job of getting the garbage out of my home. I had three holdouts because these three lower calorie substitutes tasted fine and one even had "vegan" on the label, and that one must be heathy, right?

                            Anyway, one day while scrubbing out my fridge, I looked at the contents of these substitutes, and every one of them had corn oil. For someone who was ranting about the Monsanto conspiracy to anyone who'd listen, I was doing a shitty job of walkin' the walk. So I tossed them and found real, pastured replacements for two of them, and learned to make a good healthy substitute for the third.

                            This is becoming too long. Biggest changes. From emphasis on low carb to honestly healthy low carb. From CAFO to pastured and wild. Lower fruit intake with the emphasis on eating berries rather than sweeter fruits. Also, I now have oil (avocado) and real (pastured) butter in my home. Honestly, it had been a very long time since I'd had either in my home. I don't force myself to use them daily, but I'm no longer afraid of them.
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                              Still eating pizza and pasta, so life is good!