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    I recently joined this site, so I would like to get general information about the paleo diet.

    First of all, I have jsogren's syndrome which is an auto-immune disorder, which has been my motivation to try eating paleo. I have always eaten very few carbs, 1/4-1/2 serving of potatoes, rice or pasta (not quite)per day. Meat and vegetables have always been my staple. Also, we raise or wild-harvest all of the meat we eat.

    The problem I have with the diet is mostly due to food allergies--I cannot eat many of the food "alternatives." I cannot eat eggs (even though we raise our own chickens/eggs), almonds, coconut and pork (we raise our own pork as well--my family eats well). That leaves out all egg recipes, almond flour recipes, coconut flour recipes and most sausages.

    Are there any recipes not using these ingredients? I am interested in bars--anything that can be used as a snack food, and on the go lunches--especially things that can be taken horse-back.

    I am not against smoothies, as long as they don't have eggs.

    I simply get too hungry sticking to the list of paleo-approved/things I am not allergic to.

    Also, I am confused about the sprouting of seeds and grains (which is how people of Bible Times ate grains). Once a seed is sprouted, it is a plant, not a seed or grain. An alfalfa seed becomes an alfalfa plant just as a lettuce seed becomes a lettuce plant and a rice seed (grain) becomes a rice plant. Where is the research that shows these plants are still bad for you in plant form. I would like to read it--truly.

    If I eat off the diet, it is usually diary (from our animals), or a small amount of grains (usually rice) or potatoes.
    (My family is not convinced paleo is actually a good thing, so they still eat the way they have always eaten.)

    Perhaps this is too much for one post...

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    I need to avoid a lot too...sometimes I find it helpful to make a list of what I CAN eat...even lists of possible dinner ideas, etc. This makes the small amount of food seem larger somehow! Also...look to more fish options!
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      As far as sprouting goes, check out Mark's article, he's linked all of the scientific research for you.
      Long story short - a) just because something is a plant, doesn't mean your body can digest it properly b) sprouting DOES reduce anti-nutrients, but does not get rid of them. Is it worth the trouble for something that's not quite as bad? Personally, no. I'd rather eat rice or potatoes!
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        A food allergy is present when your immune system perceives a component of the food, usually the protein, as a threat and attacks it with the inflammatory response. Allergies differ from intolerances, which are digestive rather than immunological reactions.


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          Intolerance to certain foods was the reason that I went primal in the first place.
          Somewhat severe reactions to grains and dairy pretty much made primal eating the obvious choice for me.
          My advice to you would be to completely cut out grains and dairy, and eat clean for 30 days.
          I was really hungry at first too, but I cut myself slack while my body adjusted to the new way of eating.
          The intense hunger will subside if you stick to the plan, and, this is important, cut sugar (with the exception of some fruit) and processed foods out completely. I feel that the 20% rule simply holds people back at first.
          After your body has adjusted to not eating grains, dairy, legumes, and especially processed foods and sugar, you'll find that you won't be tempted to consume them like you used to be. You'll see them as foriegn invaders of the peaceful state that your body has become, and you won't have a problem avoiding them.
          Good luck.


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            You have access to fresh meat, that sounds like heaven to me. What's wrong with a diet based around vegetables and neat? Are you bored with what you've been eating? You could try different herbs and spices to flavor your food, personally I like my dishes very simple. I eat my vegetables cooked and with miso for seasoning, for instance. Also, while coconut flour and almond flour, etc are gluten-free, they're by no means a staple of primal/paleo, and I think they should be used sparingly, if at all, so if you eat primal and can't tolerate those flours, you are not missing out on much.
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