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What's more important: low-carb or Primal ??

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  • What's more important: low-carb or Primal ??

    Just wanted to get everyone's take on this. Although primal and low carb are KINDA one in the same, I know that one can eat very low carb and not be primal. I hate carbs pretty much because I believe they are severly detrimental to our health. I am currently on a keto diet, VERY VERY low carb. Typical day for me is 4 eggs or 4 bacon strips (try to alternate to keep from getting burned out) and a big 'ol steak for dinner. Love it. Anyways I recently got burned out from steak. This came from a problem when I just started to cook a steak on the grill and then I ran out of gas and I had to finish it in the oven and since I'm such a horrible cook it came out pretty bad. Anyways here's my replacement (as of now): hot dogs!!! lmfao i know cringe worthy right. I don't know all the reasons why hot dogs aren't primal (please someone elaborate, or maybe don't lol I don't want to feel bad) but I just know inherently they aren't primal. But they are very low carb so I eat them anyways. How do you guys feel about this ? Info and goals: 23 y/o male in ketosis to shed body fat enough for a six - pack ( i dont give a crap how vain that is i just want one lol )

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    OMG just put the oven on 425 degrees and throw a piece of chicken in there for 30 mins. Add garlic salt, pepper and butter and maybe some other spices. Its super easy and will change your world. You can add veggies to the same pan and do it all at once.

    You can also just throw the steak in a very hot pan brown it on all sides and then throw it under the broiler for 10 mins and it'll be perfect.

    Please stop eating hot dogs.


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      Hot dogs are nasty. I will eat one if I am at a gathering and it is the only "meat" around, but I certainly wouldn't make it a daily habit. I do feel your pain though. I am starting to burn out on beef, so I have been making chicken thighs, legs, and wings. It's not hard. As stated above, just throw it in the oven with some seasoning.


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        Why hot dogs when there are so many more interesting and cheap options for protein? Chicken, eggs, and depending on where you live, fish, are dirt cheap. Why do you feel like you have to resort to eating hot dogs when for a little bit more time and effort, you could be having much more quality protein? The nitrates in hot dogs and all the other crap they added to that stuff (as well as the sodium) can't be doing your body any favor if you're trying to maintain ketosis.
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          Usually, Hotdogs have all kinds of fillers in them. Now if you get the Applewood Farms all beef, no nothing else, I am sure they are fine on occassion. However, there are lots of simple things that are easy to cook, that are not suspect. Chicken, add coconut oil to up fat content. Pork tenderloin, just add spices you like and cook for 45 min. Get yourself a meat thermometer or if you have a new oven, learn how to use the probe. I just figured mine out last week...what a great invention! Tuna or egg salad probably also better chioces than hotdogs.
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            Primal is (to answer your question) way more important than low carb. You can eat 37 million kinds of low carb crap, but they won't feed you. You can eat nice startchy evnegtables and be well nourished, as long as your body can handle the starch. That said, low carb primal is fine. Nutrient deficient low carb is a mistake.
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              Primal can be low carb but it is not about being low carb. Primal is about removing foods that are increasingly being shown to be harmful, grains, processed foods, frankenoils and dairy for some.

              There are plenty of higher carb primals who eat plenty of good healthy carbs in the form of sweat potato, other tubers and veg and even white rice.
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                If you're going to eat hot dogs, at least eat quality. Applewood was mentioned above. Hebrew National might be okay. I love them, but unless I put them in scrambled eggs, they need bread and I don't love them that much.

                I guarandamntee you though, the ones you can buy for 88cents/package during summer at places like Malwart are strictly cow anus, filler, and dyes.
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                  I'd also like to mention that some hotdogs aren't even low carb, if your main aim is ketosis, because they contain so much flour and filler and stuff! Especially if you're eating quite a few of them, you could easily get over 100g of carbs from a decent serving of the ones I have seen in stores here!
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                    Ok, this is the only legitimate response...
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                      Like everyone else said, it's more important to be primal than low carb.
                      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                        Wow thanks for all the responses everyone!! Ok ok don't worry I'm not gonna buy anymore hot dogs lol


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                          I think the most important thing is that you learn how to cook, to include vegetables or offal. Preferably both.


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                            Are you eating the same thing every day? That's NOT the best of ideas. Do you eat fish? I would recommend eating different proteins as the urge comes. This week I've eaten, let's see... steaks on Sunday, turkey on Monday and Tuesday... big turkey... and Salmon and sausages today. Vary the routine!
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                              The more you learn how to cook, the more you can do with foods, so you're less likely to get bored.

                              If all you know is how to toss something into the microwave and eat it off of a paper plate, then you're missing out.

                              Even a SAD cookbook will teach you how to cook a roast or make pulled pork or cook an artichoke (mmmm, butter scooper), but there are plenty of Primal/Paleo recipes on the internet. And the best way to pick up cooking skills is to just keep trying new things.

                              Trust me, I can't eat dark chocolate, wine (even marinating in it), or processed meats (hot dogs, bacon), plus I'm trying to eat low carb, so it's not always easy. When I get frustrated, I start Googling for something new to try, and that helps to not only relieve any boredom, but expand both my recipe collection and my cooking skills.