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Primal Law of Sleep. What are YOUR benefits of getting more sleep?

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    I need to work on my sleep's a little difficult because my husband doesn't get home from work until 11:30 and I like to be able to get some time in with him! I have to go to work the next morning at 11, so I wish I could get to sleep by 12 and get up at 9 so I can get a walk in or something, but that doesn't usually happen...


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      I have never had a problem in this area. I have never seen Saturday Night Live. I've never seen Jay Leno or any of the late night comedians. I've never watched 11-o'clock news. I struggle to stay awake all the way to 9pm. I can't stand late parties or night clubs. I really hate alarm clocks and I can't sleep well knowing an alarm clock is going to yell at me so I never use one. There are other things to wake me, like the paper boy or the sprinklers or the neighbor going to work.
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