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  • Eating to gain weight!


    I just found this website and really want to go primal.

    However, I seem to be in a different position to a lot of people starting out on this lifestyle and am underweight rather than overweight. I am an active 23 year old guy, who needs about 3000 calories (according to last online questionnaire I did) in order to live and do my climbing, weight lifting and cycling. No chronic cardio, I promise!

    Has anyone had experience using the primal lifestyle to put on healthy weight. It seems that if I cut out all the carbs I eat (cereals, grains, rice etc.) I would have a hard time getting enough to function let alone gain some healthy mass.

    Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    I'm not in the same boat, but a number of folks here are and have seen stellar results - run a search for posts by Gadsie and Daydreamer to start with.
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      You have to be logged in, but if you are, look @ this link
      (Results of the keyword "bulking" in a search.. Tons of info & feedback on weight gain diets..)

      Key is simply keep calories high, keep the foods clean, let you guts heal from the inflammation grain & excessive rices may have caused.. I like to keep it lower carb, limited sugary fruits, lots of meats, eggs, avocado, almonds/nuts, oils on salads, veggies to keep things moving.. Just gotta eat a lot of primal food..

      If you're not carb sensitive potatoes are going to be a good way to keep calories high.. I can work with dairy: yogurts, cheeses..

      Just takes experimenting.. Just gotta keep the calories high, a lot plants & animals..

      Great article from Mark ----> How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle | Mark's Daily Apple


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        I'm also hoping to gain weight. I'm only about 3 weeks in, so far haven't seen any sustained gain, but I'm trying to keep increasing how much I eat until I see some results. Also doing Starting Strength. I seem to tolerate dairy, so I'm gradually adding raw milk in greater amount as easy bonus calories. If you're into 'safe starches', sweet potatoes and squash and such are probably another easy way to add calories. If you want to avoid even these carbs, I think it's just a matter of replacing them sufficiently with fats. Personally I'm trying to go very low carb (no starch, some berries) and just eat more fat to compensate. I'm still adjusting my diet, but I've been adding things like bacon and eggs, olives, olive oil for salads, macadamia nuts and pistachios, coconut milk in homemade smoothies, raw milk and aged raw milk cheese, coconut oil or butter for cooking, and raw avocadoes cut in half and eaten with a spoon. Meats like grass-fed beef, salmon, and sardines canned in olive oil, which have some fat and a lot of omega3. I'll probably start including almond butter or other nut butters as something easy I can just eat with a spoon as a snack. Still on the lookout for other ideas for "good fats" though.
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          If you are trying to gain the following...I gained 20 pounds in 3 moths...I lost some definition but did get bigger.

          Breakfast: 6 eggs, cheese, apple, almond butter, grass fed milk

          Lunch: 2 chicken breasts, veggies, a whole avocado

          Pre workout: two glasses of milk

          Post: 4 glasses of milk

          Dinner: meat + potato

          Bed: 2 glasses of milk


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            Weight gain diet foods are essential to help you gain extra pounds of healthy weight. Skinny people need to know what kind of food and how much to eat.


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              It good to gain weight adjust your eating habits. Make sure you eat three meals a day with the heaviest one at night, but allow for some high-calorie snacking in between the meals and at bedtime.